10:55 am, Wednesday 15th February 2017

Politi Escorts London Orgy
The other one resting on the back of Charlie’s head as the escort bobbed up and down Oliver’s hard length, trying to suck Oliver’s brains out through his cock.

9:47 pm, Friday 27th January 2017

Escorts in London Thinking of Valentines Day
I can’t believe one of the most in demand busty escorts on the south side of the river and I’ll be alone again this Valentine’s Day

12:19 pm, Monday 16th January 2017

London Escorts Trawling Bars
Mmm. You taste good, not many escorts come as hot as you”, he murmured into her mouth. She opened her mouth wider to let him in and his tongue tangled with hers, savoring her.

12:15 pm, Tuesday 10th January 2017

The Escorts Agency and Rock Star Clients
The escorts groaned in unison at the cheesy line. Elspeth swiped her finger along James’ torso, coming away with a glob of whipped cream which she then proceeded to suck with loud obscene noises.

8:08 pm, Monday 2nd January 2017

Dominated By Tess
He was just coming down from a marathon session with one of his favorite Saturday night escorts in London, Tess Huntzberger. Not that he called her Tess.

8:52 pm, Wednesday 28th December 2016

Office Relief
The escorts were London professionals. It didn’t take long for everyone to get naked and for the office to be converted into one huge x-rated party

4:43 pm, Tuesday 20th December 2016

Clients Like Sex Toys
Would you scream if me and a couple other escorts London doms like me took turns mounting you and shoving it up your ass," she asked, "or would you beg for more?

12:22 pm, Tuesday 13th December 2016

Are all Escorts in London Cheeky as You
Most of them especially the ones who booked escorts in London during the conference season just liked to yank her dress up and fuck her until she couldn’t string sentences together.

4:52 pm, Tuesday 6th December 2016

Put This In Your Purse
Sisi hissed as she squirmed beneath the tongue currently invading the heat between her legs. If there was one thing she could say about her London escort job, it was that she was more than happy to be taking two

12:43 pm, Tuesday 29th November 2016

The Force of Her Orgasm
Wow this was the life that every London escort dreamed of, away from the city and ringing mobile phones.

9:34 pm, Monday 21st November 2016

Louder Said The One Between Her Legs
It wasn’t the first ‘gang bang’ she had taken part in during her career as a London escort; she was usually warned ahead of time, however, so this came as a bit of a shock.

5:52 pm, Tuesday 15th November 2016

Hotel Room Rendezvous
But the luxurious fur coat wrapped around her shoulders turned the whore into an escort. An escort in London for men with large amounts of cash to drop. Men like Josh Black and Victor Kennedy.

7:14 pm, Tuesday 8th November 2016

Many Faces Many Places
The hard, relentless thrusts that filled her with thick length drove her over the edge, and she kept coming back for more tastes of physical pleasure that plenty London escorts craved, something she never would have gotten as a youngster.

12:34 pm, Monday 31st October 2016

What Happens in Costa Rica
Is your passport current Leslie?” the office administrator at the London escorts agency asked as she stepped in the reception area

6:16 pm, Monday 24th October 2016

Taken To Escorts Heaven in London
Elena sat beside me, stroked my breasts and brushed slim fingertips over my pussy lips, causing a shiver to course through me, so many escorts in London yearn for that feeling from a client.

10:50 pm, Monday 17th October 2016

Fill Me and Excite Me
He was soon ready to devour the body of one of the hottest London escorts on the net. I impaled myself on top of him as he moved around underneath me. I loved how he held my bottom tightly.

12:45 pm, Monday 10th October 2016

Horny Busty Escort
He groped my large breasts then he pushed up inside again and again. His cock stretched me and the friction was just right. On top of that, his handsome face was all aglow

6:07 pm, Monday 3rd October 2016

Escorts Need to Be Private
I rode him faster like one of those nymphomaniac agency escorts he fantasized about, until I felt my release rush through me. My nipples hardened and he bucked up

7:41 pm, Monday 26th September 2016

Time For Another Session
I moved down his body and kissed, licked and sucked until I reached his bobbing erection. Busty London escorts know how to please.

11:12 pm, Sunday 18th September 2016

Hour Long Threesome Session
I’d seen her look at my cleavage, and my bottom as I sat down. I knew she fancied me this, was their first time booking through my escort agency London had definitely brought out the devil in them.

8:07 pm, Wednesday 14th September 2016

Socialites Au Pairs and Escorts in London
I gathered he had fucked around during his marriage, with different escorts in London and most of all with the blonde Latvian au-pair telling his wife everything as she walked from the bedroom naked, back to her own room

11:46 am, Tuesday 6th September 2016

Let Me Use My Tongue First
I headed into the bar where Ryan waited. He was a client of from my old escorts agency, but had disappeared off the radar for a while.

11:04 am, Tuesday 30th August 2016

He Smiled in Satisfaction
Freddie the London cabbie addicted to busty escorts eased himself inside me. I was still wondering about his artistic tendencies, as he drilled inside, slowly, just easing his way deeper and deeper.

2:08 pm, Wednesday 24th August 2016

Spread My Legs Wider
His need for the love of one of the best escorts London could produce could be clearly seen in his eyes.

9:51 pm, Tuesday 16th August 2016

Sent My Escort Senses Into Overload
He had always been professional during his stopovers in London, a little kinky with girl escorts, but had never suggested that he was

7:19 pm, Monday 8th August 2016

Licking Her
However, I wish I had a bust like yours. I love busty escort girls and I especially like how your nipples have been erect throughout our dinner

12:06 pm, Monday 1st August 2016

Deep Down Into My Throat
Milo smiled, "I like it like that" escorts in London are always neatly trimmed. He put his finger on my pussy lips and stroked them.

10:44 pm, Tuesday 26th July 2016

I Parted Her Lips
The last time she booked me through my escorts agency, I’d made her come from stroking her through tight panties as she lay flat on her front

5:15 pm, Tuesday 19th July 2016

Wild Dreams About Fucking You
There is nothing more tantalising than sexually desiring a pretty escort especially a busty one, with whom he can let go of frustrations.

10:25 am, Wednesday 13th July 2016

Playful Busty Girl
It really could have been a film plot, but now she wanted a few hours of female company and ‘interesting’ sex. That was where I fitted the bill because busty escorts like me know how!

12:20 pm, Thursday 7th July 2016

Shuddered to a Juddering Orgasm
A few men glanced my way, but that was usual, escorts London tubes and buses always equates to sex mad guys steering at my booty!

8:16 pm, Sunday 26th June 2016

I Rode Him Slowly
He was of average size, neither too thick nor thin, and he was receptive to every move I made with my tongue and lips, he adored busty escorts and I was his dream date.

10:32 am, Tuesday 14th June 2016

My Nipples Hardened
A sophisticated man who enjoyed a long slow screw with his escorts. I figured Joseph was a London chap in his late thirties and in his prime years.

11:24 am, Monday 6th June 2016

Maggie Straddled Belindas Face
She liked me to perform oral sex on her. She was quite the expert probably as good as a couple London escorts I partied with last week, but I could not tell her that; it would go to her head

8:46 pm, Monday 30th May 2016

The Ultimate Fck
I took Jared’s hands and placed them on my large breasts. He closed his eyes in rapture as I increased the screwing motion. “That’s good.” He whispered quietly.

9:59 pm, Monday 23rd May 2016

Breaking In a Virgin
I had another fake name too. It was part of the job, escorts London women and the ladies in the smaller towns always have a different name for work

8:53 pm, Sunday 15th May 2016

In Bed with a Movies Star
he had made enquiries to find out who the best Russian escorts in London were and I was at the top of his list

6:49 pm, Monday 9th May 2016

My Breasts Drape Over His Chest
I was told that they need escort girls London chicks who new how to deliver a mind blowing experience.

4:28 pm, Thursday 5th May 2016

Making Me Randy Again
Pleased there was a gap of another day before my next set of clients from the escort agency. Grigory would be back in seven weeks and he had already booked me for another two nights in London. My diary was busy now for the next fortnight.

10:46 pm, Wednesday 27th April 2016

Have You Been a Naughty Escort
Then I’d feel his erection pushing against my warm thigh, as he undeniably enjoyed the spanking, he hired an escort and he wanted a strong minded woman!

12:44 am, Monday 18th April 2016

Escorts Who Make Wives Moan with Pleasure
A deep male voice with a west London accent asked me to continue and not to turn around at any time

7:36 pm, Friday 8th April 2016

He was inside me
He only liked blonde escorts and as I took off various items of clothing, ensured he could only get a peek of my assets behind the huge feathers.

7:16 pm, Sunday 3rd April 2016

Gorgeous Escorts Mouth
Maurice and David were best friends and aged around thirty. I’d been booked through a London escort agency based on my looks and my Poker-playing ability.

11:59 pm, Thursday 24th March 2016

Feel my nipples harden
I mused on my activities over the past week. Every single londonescorts encounter is different. It doesn’t matter if my client is male, female, a couple, or a group

10:57 pm, Sunday 20th March 2016

Horny Readhead Escorts
my previous boss from the old escorts agency, who had needed a pretty readhead for this assignment and I was the most suitable

7:44 pm, Sunday 13th March 2016

Escorts cries of passion
I knew he was a man who enjoyed fucking horny escort agency girls and he definitely wanted to fuck me

10:58 pm, Sunday 6th March 2016

The escorts and clients wives
Gerard was late for his appointment that had been booked through a new London escort agency I was trying out. Gina his partner had already arrived

10:33 pm, Sunday 28th February 2016

His love sweat trickled
show me an escort in London who doesnt love the feel of nice cock. I noticed he was erect and much bigger than how he’d felt in my hand

11:08 pm, Sunday 14th February 2016

Very Turned On
I was going to a party where I knew there would be several models who were also escorts in London attending.

3:11 pm, Monday 8th February 2016

He slid inside me
It took me two or three minutes before I could stand up and Callum had to help me, generally an escort London born and bred does not find herself so over come.

5:33 pm, Sunday 31st January 2016

A good escort is always glad to oblige
He was nervous; this was his first time with one of the higher end escorts in London. I had some empathy for him, as he fiddled with his

7:24 pm, Sunday 24th January 2016

He rubbed me to orgasm
I relaxed under his touch. When a client books an escort service London ladies like me are the most compliant to a man's needs.

6:45 pm, Thursday 21st January 2016

The obedient escort girl
The last few gym sessions had toned me up completely. Not all London escort girls look half as hot as me!

12:59 am, Thursday 14th January 2016

Three is never a crowd
Two bankers an escort and a London hotel room; that was the lucrative proposition put to me. However, they wanted to go with me, one after the other.

8:09 pm, Friday 8th January 2016

Double dong for her maximum pleasure
A term I have only recently come across during a conversation with a girl at a London escort agency

10:53 pm, Saturday 2nd January 2016

Dual Climax Escort
My client, lived in an old, rambling house in North London; he had a penchant for pinching bottoms, and a love of Russian escorts with large breasts

7:09 pm, Wednesday 30th December 2015

Escorts who make girls groan
Then she moaned louder than any of the London escorts I’d been with, as I flicked carefully across the top, from side-to-side. As I moved faster

6:25 pm, Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Escorts turned on by voyeurs
the thought of him stretching me was indeed a turn on "tell me what escort London or foreign born would not want this man"

6:21 pm, Wednesday 16th December 2015

He revealed his erection
Usually, for most escorts in London activity takes place in a hotel room, or a bedroom, the odd sofa, or kitchen table

7:48 pm, Wednesday 9th December 2015

Between my large breasts
He was tall and well-built, with a receding hairline and a penchant for silk and black leather and busty escorts London girls preferably.

6:38 pm, Wednesday 9th December 2015

I want to watch you
I came over not just one finger, but two. That was all he could fit inside me. Hey find me a London escort agency girl who doesn't want to be treated like this.

9:50 pm, Thursday 26th November 2015

Screwed me until I bit my lip
He whispered, “I wanted to fuck you from the moment I saw you and heard you say the words escort in London. Those eyes and lips. I want you to suck me

10:15 pm, Sunday 22nd November 2015

Escort with the tight anus
He wanted me to ask him to stop just before I came, escorts London chicks like me know how to fuck.

7:24 pm, Wednesday 18th November 2015

I love being a call girl
He adored busty London escorts and had an inclination towards dildos; he liked to use a double dong in my ass and my pussy whilst I sucked him off

4:42 pm, Friday 13th November 2015

The sexual needs of an escort
Her speciality was photography of intimate parts, followed by oral sex; that meant me licking her, not the other way round not a problem for us horny west London escorts.

9:51 pm, Wednesday 11th November 2015

A satisfying climax for his escort
He had been looking at a few different London escort girls and he chose me for some no strings attached fun and that is what I do best.

4:00 pm, Sunday 8th November 2015

You look fabulous naked
I hadn’t been sure about taking him on as a client, as with many escorts in the high end of the London business I like my clients as well-groomed as possible.

9:24 pm, Monday 2nd November 2015

When he is inside me
James smiled slowly but concentrated on teasing me, as his fingers rubbed my lips and clit, spreading the wetness around the area. “I love how you respond to my touch. Do most guys turn you on?”

4:43 pm, Friday 30th October 2015

He loved the panties
After he’d come, his face had relaxed completely. He even apologised for the speed of the sex. I looked at my watch and thought, only two hours and thirty-five minutes left.

3:02 pm, Tuesday 27th October 2015

I touched the hardness
I headed into the shower where I bumped into a super-skinny Russian call girl. She was so skinny that I felt fat in comparison. She looked at my naked body

10:15 pm, Thursday 18th June 2015

Corset Fetish
Adrian was a writer as well as naughty underwear inventor to some of the wealthiest London ladies and quite a few well heeled escorts, so I was used to his waxing lyrical

6:12 pm, Thursday 11th June 2015

Video Memories
As I watched the video, my ass was on view and it was almost like watching another escort, as the brown wig totally changed my appearance.

5:07 pm, Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Spanking for a busty Diva
My bottom was sore and the red marks meant that I walked around in pain. Like most escorts I use a safe word in BSDM situations

5:36 pm, Tuesday 26th May 2015

For women and couples
Amanda was one-stressed out London business-woman who has been seeing escorts to take care of her needs that her husband cannot satisfy for many years.

5:53 pm, Wednesday 20th May 2015

Spanking in New York
The thigh boots were in my hold luggage, along with some naughty escorts underwear. I dared not bring anything else

8:54 pm, Friday 15th May 2015

Feel The Rythm Agency Girl
Of course, this is London the party capital of Europe and no escort is averse to listening to music and if it gave him the happy ending he wanted, then so be it.

7:18 pm, Tuesday 12th May 2015

WWF Escort Frolics
Apparently they were curious about a group session, so I had invited one of the other escorts, Amanda, after checking with the London branch of my agency.

7:37 pm, Thursday 7th May 2015

Busty and Accommodating
At least six women, two I knew were escorts from another agency based near my office in central London were being serviced by a similar number of men

9:16 pm, Friday 1st May 2015

A definite first
Not many escorts on the books for London fully appreciate A as much as me. I was full to the brim

8:49 pm, Tuesday 28th April 2015

A finger tip in the right place
If, only they knew that I was an escort they would be all calling my booking office the next morning

5:11 pm, Tuesday 21st April 2015

Awesome and bi
She needed to “experience a woman at least once a month” and of all the escorts she had met I was her favourite

8:31 pm, Sunday 12th April 2015

Agency Rules Dont Apply
‘Put it in your mouth,’ Joey London demanded. I glared at him. He very well knew that I’m and escort who didn’t like being commanded in my personal life but, he did it anyways.

3:31 pm, Tuesday 31st March 2015

Escorts love horny London cabbies
Everything about this London cab driver was perfection. There wasn’t an inch of his body that I didn’t desire. From his face to his lower regions, made him every escorts dream client

6:15 pm, Friday 27th March 2015

His special toy
Marco was a young Latino stud with a wife in London. I knew little about him and he knew even less about me only that I was the escort he found on the website.

8:57 pm, Sunday 22nd March 2015

Immense pleasure
I ran my hand over the mid region of his pants, feeling as he hardened inch by inch. He wanted the loving that only escorts can give and there was no denying.

8:12 pm, Sunday 15th March 2015

Naughty agency girls for city boys
I assured him that this London girl was a naughty escort who was more than comfortable as he started to pound me hard

9:15 pm, Friday 13th March 2015

Two escorts one guy heaven in London
Sure, she was one of the most adventurous escorts I knew, but I didn't know if she'd be up to a threesome with a London wide boy who she knew nothing about

8:41 pm, Monday 23rd February 2015

The beast and busty wench
Omega Seamaster watch languishing on his wrist - a sign of a London gentleman with impeccable taste not only in his choice of escort but also in his own sophisticated dress sense

12:13 pm, Thursday 19th February 2015

As ready as I'll ever be
I refrained from pleasing him, looked up and said, 'not just yet buddy. The longer your little escort makes you wait, the more intense it'll be

1:48 pm, Tuesday 17th February 2015

In her London flat an escorts desire fulfilled
The man was hung, like a horse or an elephant or some other kind of animal they don't have in London. But still, he was just a man.

4:58 pm, Thursday 5th February 2015

Kissed passionately
I hadn’t been working at the agency for a few days and so, I had none of my lovely clients to fill me up and pleasure my

1:37 pm, Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Filled with ecstasy
It was time to take him to my bedroom and remind him how satisfying a night with an escort can be

11:46 am, Monday 2nd February 2015

The perfect agency date
I moaned, louder than ever before. This London welder surely knew how to take an escort out of this universe. When he was satisfied with what his hands could do, he flipped me around

7:56 pm, Sunday 25th January 2015

Agency escorts like it hard
I had the most confident man in London ripping my clothes off of me. With a vengeance, he buried his

6:43 pm, Friday 16th January 2015

Enjoy my busty figure
‘Oh, I just want to touch you honey. I just want to show you how much I’ve missed you, my little escort. Don’t you remember what it’s like to have me behind you?

4:57 pm, Monday 5th January 2015

Punished in London
There are some escorts who don’t like it rough but I’m definitely not one of them. I love my men strong, masculine and with a need for power. I love it when they take out all their frustration on my body

5:08 pm, Thursday 1st January 2015

Breathless screams
He was tall, dark and handsome with a huskiness to his voice that could drive the most discerning of escorts wild.

7:29 pm, Monday 29th December 2014

Insurmountable pleasure
The darkness was as mysterious as the man himself. I had been his escort at the London branch of the agency for over a year, but until that day, hadn’t witnessed what he was really capable of.

5:51 pm, Friday 19th December 2014

Toys used on boys
You said that you like it rough- you said you love when your escort takes charge, so I’m here to really show you how it’s done.’

5:24 pm, Friday 12th December 2014

Come to daddy
‘Well, you’re just going to have to wait a while because these busty puppies aren’t quite ready for you yet.’

7:26 pm, Monday 8th December 2014

Red chain link panties
Not being able to wait much longer to have some escort fun, I decided that it was prime time I spiced up our relationship from afar.

7:24 pm, Wednesday 5th November 2014

Not such a delicate girl
When men see me, they see a ‘girl next door’ type of beauty, often forgetting that the girl next door is usually exceedingly naughty.

8:53 pm, Monday 3rd November 2014

Swallowing every inch
However, being that I’m an escort who is always up for any challenge that London can throw at me, I definitely gave it a try. I started by circling my tongue around the tip of him

7:31 pm, Wednesday 15th October 2014

Escorts love to be licked
In a beautiful hotel in central London is where I had waited. The buildup was going overboard now and though I’m usually a patient escort, my pussy was growing impatient.

8:53 pm, Sunday 12th October 2014

Busty Cristal hits Vegas
I remember my twenty fifth birthday like it was yesterday. I was so excited to reach this big age and I knew that I had to celebrate as much as possible and for as long as possible. So a week before my actual birthday, my friends and I made a trip to Las

8:19 pm, Tuesday 7th October 2014

Make me cum Cony
But, as we all know, sometimes the ladies just need some times with themselves. Especially with being an escort, most of my days are spent with men in London hotels.

4:51 pm, Wednesday 1st October 2014

Arab chicks make great escorts
It was a cold night in London and I was stuck in the confined of my bedroom. Yes, maybe I was there by choice, but it didn’t make it any less boring. I wanted so badly to get out and to conquer the world, but after returning from visiting my family in

7:52 pm, Monday 22nd September 2014

Italian sex bomb in London
I warned him that I would fuck his brains out but he didn’t believe me and to be honest, I don’t really blame him. After all, men don’t really expect escorts as petite as me to have the kind of energy that I have and I love each and every moment of

11:20 pm, Tuesday 16th September 2014

No gag reflex escorts
‘I want to taste each and every inch of you,’ I whispered into his ear. There is nothing that turns an escort on more than having a man want me so badly that his cock jumps at the very sound of my voice. This was the second time that I was seeing

1:03 am, Wednesday 10th September 2014

Alfresco agency girls
Slowly, he removed my shirt, allowing my perfect escort breasts to get a taste of the fresh London air. At first, I was a bit skeptical about making love alfresco on the balcony of my apartment but this beautiful man didn’t need to do a lot of

12:50 am, Friday 5th September 2014

He pushed my legs apart
Since returning to London my favorite BF Steven was being a very naughty boy and thus in true escort style I saw it fit to punish him. What I didn’t realize was that somehow, this would turn into me being punished. I’d gotten out my whips and handcuff

10:37 pm, Sunday 31st August 2014

A sexy escort girl for a bisexual wife
Maxwell is one of my favorite boyfriends in London. He’s the kind of guy who never shows up without a bunch of roses and some of my favorite chocolates in hand. In return, I introduce him to some of the best sex he’s ever had in his life.

6:48 pm, Thursday 28th August 2014

Bring me to the brink of a climax
Since recently joining this new agency, I’ve been having the most amazing dreams, ones I wouldn’t trade for the world. I’m at a bar in London and there is this guy who has been in all my other dreams. He’s got short, spiky hair, eyes as blue as th

12:49 pm, Tuesday 26th August 2014

I got on my knees
Antonio calls me his dream girl escort and I know exactly why. Pretty on the outside, but with a dirty little appetite for sex, I know just how to keep him satisfied all night long. I remember my first time with him like it was yesterday. At a quiet hotel

6:49 pm, Monday 18th August 2014

Loredana has been a naughty girl
With each stroke that he forcefully entered into my gaping pussy, my voice weakened just a bit more. Never did I think that a man would be able to punish me in such a hard but sensual way. I had been a very naughty escort and therefore this little London

7:01 pm, Wednesday 13th August 2014

The wonderful escort that I am
Before I came to London and started my career in the escorts industry love was something that I did not believe existed. Once upon a time, I thought it was just a word that people threw around to make things seem more important than they are. Perhaps it's

8:26 pm, Wednesday 6th August 2014

Dominica breaks in her new boyfriend from the Valleys
Trying hard to hide just how timid he was, Lynton filled me with one question after the other. He lived in the Welsh valleys and this was his first time with a girlfriend who was also an escort in London and he wasn't quite sure what to expect. All of his

9:42 pm, Friday 1st August 2014

Amanda's threesomes in London
When it comes to sex, three really is the charm. Though I do thoroughly enjoy being the center of attention and having a man treat my body like a temple, throwing another woman in the mix really gets me going. As an escort, I've been able to enjoy my fair

8:44 pm, Tuesday 29th July 2014

Natalia and her roommate find pleasure in each other
I have never thought of myself as a lesbian. Not that there is anything wrong with being attracted to someone of the same sex, in fact many London women who work as escorts are. It's just that there aren't too many things that I enjoy more than the compan

9:07 pm, Saturday 26th July 2014

I'm an escort who is always up for anything
“Fuck me Bryon,” I yelled from the top of my lungs. We had been going at it for hours by now but I still wanted more. Bryon was a typical London cabbie and had the biggest and thickest cock that any escort had ever seen and there is nothing that I wan

6:55 pm, Thursday 24th July 2014

Getting down and dirty with London guy Darius
Infinity and beyond. That's how much this blonde escort enjoys getting her tight pussy fucked. There is absolutely and positively nothing in this world that can give a woman a greater feeling of satisfaction or a greater release. Thankfully, I have got so

8:40 pm, Monday 21st July 2014

An escorts wetness
“Gerald, you dirty, dirty boy,” I giggled as his tongue traveled from my belly button to the opening of my pussy. He wouldn't go all the way though, not just yet. He kept insisting that I didn't want him enough, that I wasn't ready enough to have his

6:49 pm, Wednesday 16th July 2014

Jonny gave me the best DATY ever
Unforgettable moments in the life of an escort who lives in London and doesn’t work 9 to 5, I definitely had no regrets. On a Friday night around 2pm, I got fucked so hard my brain hurt. Johnny told me to meet him at this famous club in a very ruff par

7:19 pm, Friday 11th July 2014

Spank my ass hard
He'd been living in London for a while and grew lonelier and lonelier with each year that went by. And to satisfy his desire for something more, he needed an escorts loving and a London chick like me was the perfect antidote.

4:54 pm, Tuesday 8th July 2014

Escort Hailie is more than a booty call
He'd had a pretty rough day working as a builder in central London and needed his escort girlfriend to bring him back down and of course, the only number he dared to call was mine.

7:10 pm, Friday 6th June 2014

I climaxed within seconds
However, there is nothing as amazing as having a hard cock, deep inside, pounding away at my gspot. I wanted him so badly and I just couldn't wait. So what did I do? I did what any upstanding London escort would do when she's as horny as can be

6:14 pm, Wednesday 4th June 2014

Moans and groans in a London library
When he had looked back up, he was greeted with wide opened legs, and a horny escorts pussy that was waiting for some London cock. He looked away embarrassed, but within seconds, his eyes were drawn right back in. Again, I left my seat and made my way

6:23 pm, Friday 30th May 2014

Every good escorts addiction bedroom exercises
On a lonely night in London, where I was too exhausted to cook after a hectic day manning the phones at the escort agency, I made my way out to a cozy little restaurant. Going out alone, isn't something that I like to do, especially when I have to enjoy

6:39 pm, Thursday 29th May 2014

Of all the escorts your pussy is the juiciest
My double D's are my superpower, or so says my favourite London couple. For many, it's strange to think that a couple who have been married for years have the kind of relationship that they do and allows the inclusion of escorts into their sexual endeavor

8:31 pm, Friday 23rd May 2014

I rode him harder than any escort could
One of the greatest things about living in London and being an escort is meeting people from all walks of life. I got a call from a client on my day off. He wasn't particularly a regular, but I'd seen him once or twice over a few months. He was a teacher

8:09 pm, Thursday 22nd May 2014

A beautiful London girl with plump lips
She had her own live porno taking place across the street from her, and I felt honored that of all the escorts in this city of London, without even saying a word to her, I was the one who was allowing her to open up and show us just how much she was

7:19 pm, Tuesday 13th May 2014

The naked escorts fashion show
The naked escorts fashion show is what the adult press in London like to call it. It's such a shame that we don't do it as much as we'd like to. What's the naked fashion show, you ask? Well, as suggested by the name, it's a fashion show where rather than

7:09 pm, Friday 9th May 2014

My own made in London XXX rated movie
Funny enough not all escorts like porn, most of the London girls I duo with hate it; do you love to watch porn? I certainly do. Except there is one twist to the kind of porn I like to watch. An overly sexy female with boobs as perky as ever, a vagina so s

5:05 pm, Wednesday 7th May 2014

Escorts with an uber appetite for pussy
On the night of her birthday, she arrived at the restaurant and was ushered to the table where I'd been waiting for her. She looked miraculous in her low cut top, her beautiful, plump breasts trying hard to burst through. Her long legs were like a tall ma

9:20 pm, Wednesday 30th April 2014

Lustful escorts and sexy London men
As a youth he told me that he lusted after escorts and now as a wealthy man in London he was the master of all that he surveyed. His dark hair caressed his face ever so gently as he lifted his head from the Evening Standard newspaper to look at me

7:16 pm, Monday 28th April 2014

Escorts serving the men of London with pure desire
I’m not one of those typical escorts who lays back uninterested thinking of a fun night out in London while her client satisfies his carnal needs. I believe in the wildness of imaginations. For me, sex shouldn't be a thing that has limitations. Instead,

6:44 pm, Friday 25th April 2014

Slutiest of escorts for the day at my London flat
Hot tub sex is just about the best thing for highly sexed escorts like myself can experience, London has taught me a lot and not saying no to good sex is high up on the list. A glass of bubbly to my right and my best friend and her boyfriend along to enjo

8:31 pm, Thursday 24th April 2014

Escorts flocked to my fresh London pussy
What happens behind castle doors are not for the faint of hearted. Just ask Sir Fisher about it. I met him in a beautiful city in German while on vacation with one of my girlfriends who recently joined the same escorts agency in London as me. He seemed li

9:24 pm, Wednesday 16th April 2014

The best escorts always keep going
Against the door in my apartment he took me by surprise. His firm hands made their way forcefully up my skirt, ripping away my underwear that willingly fell to my ankles. I was wet from the minute that my back made contact with the cold wood and so his fi

8:47 pm, Tuesday 15th April 2014

Not all escorts who spank dont want to be fucked
'Ouch' he wailed in a very posh London accent as I tightened the police issue prisoner escort handcuffs around his wrist. 'What did I tell you would happen if you continued being a naughty boy?' I snapped. His eyes filled with pleasure, and one look at hi

8:24 pm, Friday 11th April 2014

The pretty London skyline and my boss between my legs
In my old job, before I became self employed and joined the ranks of the escorts who cater to the sexual desires of men in London, I had the horniest boss one could ever imagine. However, being the horny little bunny that I am, I loved each and every

6:34 pm, Wednesday 9th April 2014

Escorts and lesbian encounters
I see these people in my job every day as an escort. They walk into my secret London apartment that I rent for work, unsure of what it is they want, what it is they're doing there, but nonetheless more curious than ever. However, being at home and being a

6:17 pm, Thursday 3rd April 2014

Fucked in a public toilet in London
I went to this event in London a few weeks ago and this fellow immediately caught my eye. He never looked like the kind of guy who would date an escort but there was an instant attraction. I don't know what it was about him, but he just didn't belong ther

8:51 pm, Tuesday 1st April 2014

Escorts need love as well as sex
Falling in love can be one of the hardest but most rewarding things. The key to being able to reap all the rewards, is finding the perfect person to fall in love with and staying away from the ones who are wrong for you and believe you me us escorts unfor

3:59 pm, Monday 31st March 2014

Many escorts also get great satisfaction from watching
I live in a beautiful apartment in London, facing the apartment of a couple whose curiosity never ceases to amaze me sometimes I wonder if through observing the different men who visit me they have deduced that I have a secret life as an escort to the ric

9:41 pm, Wednesday 26th March 2014

A London girl with an interest in sex toys
At 21 years of age, my appetite for sex seemed to have increased enormously. I used to love sex, but now I've got this burning desire, that when it hits, just needs to be fulfilled, and the sooner the better. Working for an escorts agency as one of their

6:09 pm, Tuesday 25th March 2014

This mysterious man
Lately I've been having these dreams and when I wake up, I feel incomplete. In my dreams there is this man, dark hair, strong hands, mysterious eyes, and a cock that anyone would fight for. I don't know where I met him, some fancy bar in London perhaps

7:43 pm, Thursday 20th March 2014

On a lonely night in London
I'm proof that there's more to a pretty face than just a pretty face. As an escort, I experience the 'oos' and 'aahs' and the constant complimenting on how beautiful I am from my clients. They usually sit and look at me for a while, taking me in and I

4:44 pm, Wednesday 19th March 2014

Sexual Experimentation
There's nothing as satisfying as having sex with someone who wants you more than anything in the world. Being an escort, I get to live this moment over and over. Getting engaged is something that comes easily to me. I get to have the butterflies

4:56 pm, Tuesday 18th March 2014

Secretary in seduction mode - Erotic Stories
A couple of years ago, before I became an escort, I worked a normal, boring office job. The only perk to it was that I got to dress up as what my boyfriend called 'secretary in seduction mode'. Though now, I do get gifted with the most fabulous outfits, e