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Have You Been a Naughty Escort

10:46 pm, Wednesday 27th April 2016

I put my fingertip back on Grigory’s waist and stroked down again, feeling the warmth of his body so close to mine. At his hip, I stroked down the curve of his buttock and left my hand stroking the crease underneath his buttock, then upwards, until his buttock was almost fully grasped in my hand. I had a vision of making him bend over my knee, so I could spank him. I would watch his buttocks turning slightly red. Then I’d feel his erection pushing against my warm thigh, as he undeniably enjoyed the spanking, he hired an escort and he wanted a strong minded woman! 

I could feel myself getting damper, and knew he would probably not wake up for a while. Instead, I pushed a finger between my legs and almost moaned when I felt how hot and alert my clit felt. Escorts London girls like me need fucking on regularly,  I rubbed slightly, and continued to stroke his bottom, still thinking about how I could imagine him flinging me back onto the bed and driving into me, hard and fast, whilst his savagely handsome face looked down at my breasts, drinking in the heave of my chest.  I could almost come at the first thrust when I’m like this.

I could feel myself tremble with the pleasure. It had been a while since I had touched myself without a client requesting so. I placed my other hand on his hip and stroked the soft hollow again, inches away from his cock. I almost jumped when Grigory remarked softly. “I guess you like to feel my hip and bottom then.” Rather than sounded annoyed, he was amused. 

I stopped touching myself immediately. “I guess. Your bottom is such a great shape. I love the curve of it.” I realised I was holding my breath as the sexual electricity zapped between us.

He did not turn, but replied. “So when you get to that place you are stroking now, are you not tempted to touch my penis? It is so close. Instead your fingers tease me, and stroke my bottom. I like that, but you never touched me intimately. Why?”

I could feel my cheeks heating up. “You were asleep. I thought you might be cross.” I realised the hand which had been touching myself, was now clamped against his chest, his large hand holding it against his chest muscles. 

Just fuck me, will you? The thought ran through my head, teasing me.

I realised Grigory had raised my hand to kiss it. He stopped after kissing it. “Have you been a naughty escort little London girl?” Grigory drawled in his thick Russian accent. I knew he was familiar with the scent, but I did not reply immediately.