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I Parted Her Lips

10:44 pm, Tuesday 26th July 2016

After we’d shared a bottle of champagne, Anna looked at me with a glint in her eye. She had drunk much more than I, but I don’t think the champagne was on her mind. She stretched and asked me to massage her shoulders. She hated flying economy but that was the only availability to be at her event at such short notice. As a publisher, she knew all of the authors I’d read about. I mentioned I was reading books on kindle and she looked down her nose at me, so I dutifully strolled round to the back of her chair and started to massage her shoulders.

As I did so, Anna unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, revealing a pretty black lace bra. I asked her to sit forwards so I could take off her blouse and reach her upper back. She obliged and the sexual tension was building. 

The last time she booked me through my escorts agency, I’d made her come from stroking her through tight panties as she lay flat on her front, whilst I massaged her. Then, she’d needed penetration and I knew exactly how he liked to be touched. Tonight, we only had an hour, before she napped, showered, dressed and met her clients at eight. 

I worked around to her bra fastening, unhooked it, at which she giggled. That was definitely the effect of the champagne; this woman was no giggler. I cupped her breasts and fondled them whilst I kissed her neck slowly and seductively in just the way she liked. 

I was going to lick her slowly, so I told her that and immediately her tiny nipples hardened. I played with them before moving round and tugged down her skirt. Like last time, she was completely shaved. “I have a woman who shaves me and then she licks me too,” Anna stated, completely unabashed, she was as bold as any agency escort I had ever met.

I would do better than that. I blew on her lips and pushed her legs apart. Looking up, Anna had thrown her head back and had her eyes closed. She wasn’t an observer either.

Then I parted her lips with one slick movement of my tongue and she gasped. “Lap away, pretty lady. “ That was her last comment before my tongue made contact with her clit.