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Making Me Randy Again

4:28 pm, Thursday 5th May 2016

I found myself wondering about the differences between the male and female orgasm as I relaxed in the taxi on the way back from my hour with Barry. I don’t often fake them, as my Russian client, Grigory had commented after my first ‘real’ orgasm with him.

“Don’t pretend that you’ve come. I have made love with lots of escorts in London who can’t come just through penetration. It was nice when you did though, but faking it, well, it is so like those seventies porn films.”

I stifled the need to laugh out loud. Grigory had turned out to be a good client. Two nights with him and I could hardly walk for a whole day afterwards. I had a hot bath followed twelve hours sleep, and was pleased there was a gap of another day before my next set of clients from the escort agency. Grigory would be back in seven weeks and he had already booked me for another two nights in London. My diary was busy now for the next fortnight. I could not fit any further clients in at all.

I mused again as we hit a spot of traffic in central London, half-mile away from my next client. I realised that the wider the girth, the more able am I to orgasm that way. Barry was a good lover in that respect. I had no idea if he would book me again, but I could remember the sensation of his tongue, and fingers inside me, and could feel another thrill run through me. The oral sex was good both ways, but the sheer depth of the orgasm inside me, had me clenching for a full two minutes afterwards, as if my pussy was trying to keep him deep inside; trying to draw every single drop of semen from him. Of course, we used condoms, but it was a wonderful release for both of us.

All of this thinking was making me randy again. The taxi would arrive in two minutes. I could envisage cupping the small, firm breasts of my next client and wondering if the largest dildo I had with me was around the same girth as Barry’s cock. I smiled to myself as the taxi arrived and the curtains for the first floor flat moved slightly. My client was ready for me!