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Fill Me and Excite Me

10:50 pm, Monday 17th October 2016

Richard held my hand as we hurried outside into the London night, giggling. He was almost childish like this. A lovely guy, in his mid-thirties, he was too scared about how people viewed his scars, rather than being comfortable in what he was like on the inside. I get that sometimes. People assume because I’m pretty, that I’m a bitch. I am not, but I do fight for the underdogs in this world. Richard was not an underdog, he was privileged, but I would sooner chat with him, than some of the less polite clients who dated London escorts like me.

Outside, Richard’s garden was long and narrow with high walls. No-one could see from here, unless they looked through the trees which framed the side with neighbours. A hall was on the other side, but with no windows at height, we could lie down on the blanket and have wild, un-abandoned sex. I liked the thought of that.

Richard threw the rug down and he took off his dressing gown. He was semi-erect at the thought of sex outdoors. I lay beside him and smiled. He pulled off my robe and massaged my large breasts, as I massaged his cock to a full erection. Richard was relishing the feel of the sun on his skin as my lips caressed his balls and felt underneath to massage his bottom.

He was soon ready to devour the body of one of the hottest London escorts on the net. I impaled myself on top of him as he moved around underneath me. I loved how he held my bottom tightly and thrust upwards again and again. 

I thought I heard a noise, but put it to the back of my mind as I fucked Richard, feeling his cock fill me and excite me hugely. I liked how he relished every touch. I didn’t think he was ugly and he knew it.

I felt Richard reaching his climax and I closed my eyes as I felt him swell inside me. He was trying not to make any noise, but I did hear a noise.

I opened my eyes and looked around – half-expecting to see a face peeping over a wall, but I saw no-one. I looked straight ahead and there I saw the voyeur and the creator of the noise. It was the clink of blinds I’d heard. Richard’s housekeeper was peeking through the kitchen blind. She looked at my breasts and Richard thrusting up until he came and then she stepped away. All that time, she never made eye-contact with me, so I never knew if she had seen me at all.