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The Force of Her Orgasm

12:43 pm, Tuesday 29th November 2016

Zoe had stood up to take her shorts off so Jake was unhampered as he scrambled out of his. As soon as her shorts were off Zoe was running and canon balling into the water. She swam a length under water until she ran out of breath before she surfaced. Jake was watching her from the side of the pool with a smile on his face and his dangly bits hanging unashamedly in the morning air, wow this was the life that every London escort dreamed of, away from the city and ringing mobile phones.

“Aren’t you coming in?” she asked.

“Yeah but I wanted to be sure you weren’t running away from me first”, he said. She ducked back into the water to hide her blush and so she felt rather than saw him dive in. he made his way under water to her undulating like a shark and for a moment she did think to run. But then she remembered that it was Jake and stood up in the water, waiting for him to reach her. He burst out of the water like a triumphant Olympic swimmer at the London games and grabbed her, mashing them together from lips to knees before she knew what was happening. Happily for her, her arms had a mind of their own and wrapped themselves tight around Jake’s neck without her say so. Her breast brushed against his chest in the cold water and it was the most erotic sensation she’d ever had. Jake’s hands were all over the body of this fine escort and she could feel his hardness pressing urgently against her stomach. His tongue was so far down her throat it was a wonder either of them could breathe. He took hold of her ass and lifted her, the water making her weightless. Her legs seemed to know what was required of them and wrapped themselves around his waist. She could feel him questing, searching for her entrance without once breaking the kiss between them or using his hands. She squirmed a bit trying to help and suddenly he was there, filling her up to the brim and it was everything she’d ever dreamed it could be…and more. He was groaning into her mouth now as his hips undulated in the water, trying to get as deep as he could. All she could do was hold on and let the waves of feeling garnered from the cold water and his hotness overwhelm her. She threw her head back, crying out his name over and over as he filled her completely and then withdrew, letting the cold water replace him before he was back, and filling her with heat again; his face contorted with the effort.

“Zoe”, he said his voice strained beyond bearing, “I can’t wait.”

Zoe smiled to hear him and squeezed her insides tight, holding him within her, giving her permission. He made a sound like his spine was breaking and then there was a different kind of wetness filling her and she lapped it up took it all and gave it back; her whole body undulating with the force of her orgasm. 

“Oh my gaaawwwd” she whispered in her West London accent in awe when he let her go at last.

“I know right”, Jake replied all male smugness. Zoe opened her mouth to remind him about how he was all ‘I can’t wait’, not too minutes ago but being an intelligent escort she decided to let it go. For now.