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10:25 am, Wednesday 13th July 2016

Pippa was sitting opposite me in the restaurant. She was a small, dark-haired beauty, with the slimmest of waists, and long dark, naturally curly hair and very busty. She was also a known colleague of my ex-friend, Anna, as she was a doctor. Her situation was complex and involved two girlfriends who realised she was seeing both, and she had been dumped unceremoniously by both. It really could have been a film plot, but now she wanted a few hours of female company and ‘interesting’ sex. That was where I fitted the bill because busty escorts like me know how! 

It as a warm Spring evening and I didn’t wear tights, and I noticed, neither did Pippa. As she leant across the table with winking eyes, she whispered that she wasn’t wearing knickers either, if I wished to take a peek. She was playful so I knew she would be fun in the bedroom too. 

I didn’t look as the waiter was hovering to pick up our empty plates as we had just finished a delicious starter. It would be at least ten minutes before the main course was served. It was my time to be the playful busty girl. 

I smiled as she told me a little about her life and she seemed animated when talking about her job. It was time to turn up the heat a little. I took my foot out of my heels and traced small circles around her ankle, at which she smiled, but continued to chat. Her smile was replaced by one of surprise as I moved her legs apart and started to put my foot onto her inner thigh. She shifted and then I placed my toe on her pussy lips, now realised she was shaved.  Her bare lips were moist, and I dipped a toe further inside, so my toe reached her erect, little clit.I continued to lean back and ask questions as I lazily massaged her with my toe. I could feel her heat building. As she blushed and almost gasped, I pushed the tip of my toe against hr pussy entrance, only the first centimetre, and sat back. Pippa had stopped talking and was thinking about my toe and my next move on her.

Unfortunately, that would have to wait for a few minutes as the waiter came back towards the table.
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