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Hour Long Threesome Session

11:12 pm, Sunday 18th September 2016

Olivia was extremely coltish, whilst her boyfriend was quiet and didn’t betray any outward signs of excitement. He was tall with a moustache and beard, and wore jeans which looked as though they were sprayed on they were so tight. I worked out they were in their late-twenties and they made a handsome couple.

This hour-long session was going to be a threesome. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be arranged. Olivia seemed to be a go-with the flow type of girl who liked nothing better than fucking sexy escorts, whilst Jon was laid-back to almost a point of disinterest.  All I knew was that she had admitted bisexual tendencies and her boyfriend though that was ‘cool’. I had no idea if they had enacted out any scenarios in the past.

They were an uber-rich couple. Her voice was plummy and high-pitched and Jon was from the North East. He was a film producer and she was a voice-over artist. That was how they had met, but the family connection in London had helped them to set-up home in a nice part of West London.

I appreciated how Olivia was welcoming. I’d seen her look at my cleavage, and my bottom as I sat down. I knew she fancied me this, was their first time booking through my escort agency London had definitely brought out the devil in them. Jon let Olivia run the conversation until I realised we’d spent ten minutes chatting.

“Do you have any special requests?” I asked, politely accepting a small glass of red wine. Olivia blushed and asked if I would strip off in front of her. She rose and took her top off to reveal rounded breasts, bigger than I expected.  Jon was watching as he lounged back. “You girls just get it on.”

I rose and walked up to her, stripping off my top and bra too. We stood nipple-o-nipple and I heard the sound of a zip being unzipped. Jon had pulled down his jeans, with a struggle, and as sitting with his cock in his hand, massaging himself slowly. 

I touched her gently, cupping a breast whilst her lips moved towards mine. She was tentative, but I could feel her excitement too. She liked to be watched. I tugged down her skirt and realised she wore no knickers. I moved around so Jon could see her from the side, and then I dropped to my knees the way only a good escort agency girl can.