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Escorts Who Make Wives Moan with Pleasure

12:44 am, Monday 18th April 2016

“My name is Nadia,” the pretty girl said. “I’m Tia,” I offered in return with a smile. “I was thinking tongue and fingers, if that works for you.” She nodded and lay back with her eyes half-closed, one thing that I’ve learnt since joining the ranks of professional escorts London women prefer confident lover. 

I started to slowly touch her before placing my tongue on the side of her clit and rolling it around the hood, with a flick every now and again. She was enjoying this as she opened up her legs further. I pushed my fingers inside and felt her moist heat and her hips moved so that I could reach her sweet spot. As I worked on her, I stopped every now and again. The first time I stopped, I kissed her mouth, letting her taste her own sex, and then sucked at a nipple which was crying out for attention. 

I continued my tonguing, but heard a door open and hesitated. A deep male voice with a west London accent asked me to continue and not to turn around at any time. I heard a condom being opened, so I positioned myself so he could easily access my pussy, whilst he watched me licking his girlfriend. I assumed it was his girlfriend anyway. He eased his huge girth inside and slowly pushed up and up until he was fully inside my cunt. 

“Are you enjoying that Nadia,” he asked quietly, and a long bare, brown arm appeared and stroked her face gently. The tenderness was nice to see, but he was now moving inside me and getting more excited by the second.

“Tell me baby when you are about to come, so I can come at the same time.” He meant Nadia, not me. 

Nadia’s breathing was changing and her small breasts heaved as I slowly teased her clit. I stopped for a few seconds, after feeling her getting so wet inside I knew she was going to come. I continued to finger her, and as soon as my tongue hit her clit again, she started to moan. “I’m coming,” she cried out. The guy grunted a few times, as Nadia groaned and tightened around my fingers. I watched the love sweat pooling between her breasts. 

The guy pulled out and left the room, whilst I stroked Nadia until she was completely sated. 

I rose, checked my watch and Nadia half-filled my glass with the lovely champagne as I dressed to leave. After drinking it down in one go, I left into the London night without a further glance at the mirrored glass.