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He was inside me

7:36 pm, Friday 8th April 2016

Dressed in my sexy burlesque outfit, my client, Roger, sat back in his chair, a glass on single Malt whisky in hand.  I had finished all of my Burlesque classes now, and danced with abandon. I ensured Roger watched my pert ass as I bent over, he only liked blonde escorts and as I took off various items of clothing, ensured he could only get a peek of my assets behind the huge feathers.

I liked the feeling of being in control. I placed a stilettoed heel on his erection and slowly drew the sharp tip of the heel down to his inner thigh, causing him to shiver. I could see the desire building in his gaze as he watched my hardly-veiled breasts fall forwards in my final move. He drained his glass as the music finished, and asked me to put the feathers down.

I smiled as I stood astride his legs. Roger unbuttoned his jeans und pulled them down to his knees. “Open the crotch yourself, there’s a popper,” I suggested, and felt his fingers catching my shaved pussy through the fine silk. He stopped when he felt me shiver, and placed a finger under the silk. Stroking slowly, he pulled open the crotch and leant forward to give my blonde mound a kiss.

I bent down and worked his cock to a full erection. It didn’t take long and the heat would soon be transferred inside my tight pussy. I loved that first feel; the gentle opening up.  Most clients liked to take the first push inside carefully, taking the time to appreciate the feeling of sinking deep inside such a private place belonging to a hot blonde escort.

Roger pulled me closer until he was inside me, deep to his hilt. “Just stay there for a moment as I need to fill up my glass of Scotch.” I moved very slowly and enticingly, whilst he reached over and poured more Scotch. Then he turned to face me, drinking half of his glass of Scotch. “You are naughty. I told you to stay still, but you just can’t help yourself, can you? I can stay hard for ages, so stay still.”

I did as he said until he put his empty glass down. I could feel my inside tingling, as he raised an eyebrow. “I’m waiting for your next instructions, Sir!”