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Deep Down Into My Throat

12:06 pm, Monday 1st August 2016

Milo drained his beer but Grigor was still in the bath. He walked over to me quickly and sat on the bed, his hands stroking my thighs. I opened my legs so he could see me. I was shaved, with just a slight strip of pubic hair. Milo smiled, "I like it like that" escorts in London are always neatly trimmed. He put his finger on my pussy lips and stroked them. I really wanted to feel around in his trousers; his erection must have been straining hard against those trousers.

I lay back and pulled my bra down so he could see my bare breasts. Then I pushed a breast upwards and licked a nipple slowly, teasing it with my pink tongue, watching him close his eyes in frustration. He touched my clit and I flinched. Instead he got onto the bed and kissed me, pushing my hand onto his erection. He felt so good against my hand and I wondered what it would be like to take him deep down into my throat. 

Then I remembered he wasn’t my client. Grigor would be out of the bath soon. I smiled and rubbed his cock. Milo threw his head back as he trembled, kneeling on the bed. He was still completely dressed, so I suggested he took off his jacket, grabbed another beer, whilst I helped Grigor to dress for dinner. 

As he turned from the fridge, I popped my robe back on and sat on the edge of the bed. My panties were soaking wet by now. Grigor came out of the bathroom, completely naked, except for the towel he held in front of him. He looked at both of us and smiled. “I though you two would be in bed by now, waiting for me.” Milo cast me a glance, but Grigor sounded stern. “You did this in Russia that one time, why not here? Elena is one of the most beautiful escort girls in London. Are you worried you’ll come too quickly?” Grigor was teasing him mercilessly and it continued for a few moments whilst Grigor finished drying off his back. He wasn’t erect yet. Milo looked annoyed, but he caught my wink and then smiled. Grigor noticed and sat down in the chair I’d previously occupied.

“I think I’ll just watch. I’m too tired and hungry.”