Escorts in London Thinking of Valentines Day

9:47 pm, Friday 27th January 2017

“I can’t believe one of the most in demand busty escorts on the south side of the river and I’ll be alone again this Valentine’s Day”, Ariel said sadly to her friend Veronica, “That’s three years in a row. My dry spell’s having a dry spell.”

“Aww poor baby. What can I do?”

“You can get me a date for Valentine’s is what you can do.”

Veronica pursed her lips, looking at the busty physique of Ariel thoughtfully, “What kind of date?”

“What do you mean what kind of date?”

“Well are you looking for a one night stand or relationship material?”

Ariel fixed her friend with a look, “I’m looking to end my dry spell and not be alone on Valentine’s day” she growled.

“Alright. Got you. I know just the place to find you one.”

Ariel rearranged her skirt once again, heart beating way too fast as she waited for her date. The Admiral Duncan was a loud bar, with a live band in full swing. It was just the place where escorts in London liked to meet a blind date.

Well maybe blind date was stretching it a bit since hers was a sure thing but…

She took a sip of her drink, and as she was setting her glass back down, an instinct made her look up. Standing on the other side of her chair was a petite redhead with the most hour glass figure Ariel had ever seen.

“Well hello hello hello”, she said.

The redhead smiled, “Hi. I’m Pat. Short for Patricia, but everyone just calls me Pat.” She said.

“Hi Pat. D’you want to sit down?”

Pat looked at the indicated seat and then perched daintily on to it.

She looked around the bar, eyes bright, “Well this joint is poppin innit?” she said.

“Yes. Do you like it or do you want to go elsewhere?”

Pat’s smile got wider, “Oh no. I’d love to dance though.”

Ariel stood up and held her hand out to help Pat out of her seat. She led her by the same hand, to the dance floor and pulled her close. The tempo of the music wasn’t fast but it wasn’t slow either. Ariel ignored that, pulled Pat closer to her ample bosom and began to slow dance. They were flush against each other from shoulder to hip, and pretty soon Ariel was running her hands up and down Pat’s perfect figure. 

“It’s been a while since I held so much sexiness in my arms”, she said squeezing Pat’s ass.

“Oh yeah?” Pat replied moving closer.

Ariel’s heart soared. Veronica was right. She really was a sure thing.