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Horny Busty Escort

12:45 pm, Monday 10th October 2016

I had just come around his cock and now I was breathing hard as my body started to glow with the feeling of release. 

Donald pulled out and helped me off the counter. I think I can hear someone. He went into the cubicle and I pulled up my knickers, and fixed my dress, no longer the horny busty escort but now a prim and proper London lady, just as a woman opened the door. 

“Oh, I’ll be cleaning in here in a few minutes,” she said, fairly gruffly. I smiled and then put my hand to my ear and gasped. “I was sure I was wearing this just before. I felt something fall out near the bar.” She looked at me. “You finish off here and I’ll go and look.”

A soon as she had gone, I went into the cubicle and kissed Donald. He was already hard and with protection. I pulled him into me and we screwed again. I love the second orgasm – it carried a full-bodied feeling to it and as we hurried to orgasm, Donald brushed back my hair. “I’ll have to buy you more earrings to replace it.” As soon as he said that, he groped my large breasts then he pushed up inside again and again. His cock stretched me and the friction was just right. On top of that, his handsome face was all aglow. As he came again, he pulled me to him. “You are a naughty escort, but very nice too.” I needed him to stay there as I rubbed against him and came again with a combined laugh and a groan. That felt too good. 

We hurried out, but my legs were like jelly – still trembling for all of the sexual activity.  I took out my other earring and put it into my bag with the one I’d taken out as an excuse to get Donald out of the restroom safely. I called out to the cleaner. “It wasn’t expensive, please don’t worry.” She waved and we left.  Donald held my hand and we headed to the nearest bar. “I need to sit down. My legs are like jelly,” I whispered. “Also, I can only stay for the one. I need to get back as I’m up really early tomorrow. It’s my dad’s fifty-eighth birthday, so I’m going up to see my parents.”

Donald asked me a few questions about them as I only divulged what I wanted to divulge. I did not mention Josh just yet, but I wanted to keep everything separate and I wasn’t doing a great job at keeping to that. He was just really easy to talk to.

I knew I needed to ask the question about what Philippa had said, but now wasn’t the time.