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Hotel Room Rendezvous

5:52 pm, Tuesday 15th November 2016

Ava’s ankle didn’t even wobble in the tall, strappy pointed heels, stepping into the five star hotel room.  She was well practiced, walking all around in them. One of the busy escorts in London they were practically glued to her feet as of late.  There was just something about them that did it for men.  Men like Josh Black and Victor Kennedy.

Yes, the strappy heels added to the look, but there was also the tiny, sequined dress that hugged her curves and barely covered her ass, and had her nearly spilling out the top.  It all screamed slag.  But the luxurious fur coat wrapped around her shoulders turned the whore into an escort.  An escort in London for men with large amounts of cash to drop.  Men like Josh Black and Victor Kennedy.

She led them into the room, offering to pour them a drink, unless they’d rather get right down to business.  She pulled the few pins out of her hair, her golden curls cascading down over the luscious fur.

“I think we all know why we’re here.  No need to dance around the subject.”  Josh tugged at his tie and slipped off his suit jacket, throwing it over a nearby chair.

“Really? Not a foreplay sort of man, Mr. Black?” Ava stepped close to Josh, fur tickling over the pressed white button down.  Her painted nails drew down his torso and her lips hovered over his neck.  She flicked her eyes to Victor as she nipped at Josh’ ear. Victor was here to watch, not touch.

Josh gripped Ava’s waist and pushed her against the wall, lips hovering mere centimeters apart. Josh pressed their lips together, tongue immediately claiming Ava’s mouth and pushing its way down her throat.  Her hand flew to his shoulders, gripping them momentarily before going to wrap around his neck.

Victor let his coat fall from his shoulders to come to rest on top of Josh’s.  A stray hand massaged at the growing bulge in his pants.  He settled down in the chair and watched as Josh pinned Ava to the wall, drawing muffled moans from her.  One of his hands had pulled the top of her dress down to expose her little breasts and her perky pink nipples.  Victor bit his bottom lip as Josh’s thumb moved across her nipples, causing Ava to gasp, pushing out her breasts as a result. Victor couldn’t help pulling his zipper down, but he kept it together. The night was just beginning.