Office Relief

8:52 pm, Wednesday 28th December 2016

It was supposed to be a three day weekend but the three of them had been called to the London office on Friday for an emergency ‘closing of the accounts’. Head office was sending their hatchet guy on Tuesday to go over the books.  Apparently and the area manager was freaking out, trying to make sure everything was ship shape. 

Andrew, Allen and Iverson had just about had it. They hadn’t been home in three days, the office smelled like stale pizza and socks. It wasn’t ideal.

Jefferson, the area manager, walked in on Monday morning just as they were winding up, a tray of champagne in his hands.

“Boys, I want you to know I appreciate all your hard work so I have a bit of a prezzy for you.”

“Oh yeah? Wassat?”, Andrew said eyeing the champagne suspiciously, “Because I only drink lager.”

“Yeah? What about girls? You like girls?”

All three guys just stared at their area manager who was beaming at them.

“Ladies!” he called and three of the best looking escorts the guys had ever seen sauntered into the office. They were dressed in nothing more than bits of cloth which covered the fun bits and extremely high heels.

“Woah”, Iverson said.

“Enjoy laddies!”, the area manager said, huge grin on his face, “Happy holidays.”

The escorts were London professionals. It didn’t take long for everyone to get naked and for the office to be converted into one huge x-rated party. This was Andrew’s first orgy but by Jove it would not be his last. One of the girls, a redhead, grabbed hold of him and stuck her tongue in his mouth.

Pretty soon it was a blur of elbows and knees and fingers in a pile of nakedness and debauchery. Noises are stifled but not much, groans, office chairs, and Andrew still can't believe they're doing this. 

In an untidy orgy-oeus pile. 

It was awfully difficult to be especially concerned while the pretty redhead is bobbing between his knees and Iverson is somewhere nearby being creative. With Allen's utterly inspiring naked back off to the side and someone making a sound somewhere between pain and pleasure. 

Andrew dug his fingers into his girl’s shoulders and tipped his head back. 

Wow, he didn't know tongues could do thaaa-aat.

Why, hello there orgasm.

("Hi Andrew!"). 

Also, the escort looked amazing like that, mouth all wet and licking darkened lips. Andrew really appreciated her.