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Licking Her

7:19 pm, Monday 8th August 2016

The main course was delicious. Like me, Pippa was a fan of fish. She had the monkfish, whilst I picked the sea bass. Both came with a heaping of healthy vegetables and with cream-laden sauces. 

I wondered how she could manage to eat a three-course meal and stay so trim, so I asked her.

“That’s due to lots of exercise and sex, Elena,” she grinned cheekily. “However, I wish I had a bust like yours. I love busty escort girls and I especially like how your nipples have been erect throughout our dinner.”

That was true. I was hot myself at the thought of opening her legs wide and licking her whilst giving her a good fingering. I’d love to do that to her this evening.

“Well, I find you incredibly sexy. I love a shaved pussy, but I’d love my tongue down there even more.” I whispered this to her, even though the next occupied table was a good couple of metres away, around a corner.

Pippa blushed, but I could see from her expression how she was mulling over my comment.  Within a few minutes of the plates being taken away, I’d placed my toe back into position and circled her clit again tentatively, but Pippa suggested huskily that we should we head to the powder room, directly after the dessert so that she sample my busty body.

The sorbet as delicious and Pippa devoured a pannacotta with fresh fruit. She looked at me; her large brown eyes twinkling. “You can have a final course, if you want.”

In the restroom, there was an area outside the toilets, a powder room area, with tub chairs, and plenty of mirrors and soft lighting, befitting a high-class restaurant, perfect for a skilled an escort to satisfy her client . She pulled my head down to her pussy. “If anyone comes in, you’ll have to pull away, but this feels naughty.”

I looked at her clit; moist, erect and ready, and knew this wouldn’t take long. My hot tongue teased her before I inserted a finger inside; just the one. I rubbed away and then inserted a second. Her pussy almost clamped on me immediately so I slowed down and let my tongue lick her in the way she wanted. I pressed hard down the sides of her clit, and then flicked the tip a few times, and repeated this motion about twenty times. I could feel her pussy tightening and then she fucked my fingers so hard, I had to steady myself. She juddered against me, I heard footsteps approaching. I quickly pulled out and away, and just had time to stand facing her mirror as the door opened.

“That was a close shave,” I muttered, and realised what I’d said. We burst out laughing as the woman gave us a cursory glance and headed to the cubicles.

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