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Double dong for her maximum pleasure

8:09 pm, Friday 8th January 2016

I’ve always felt that I am naturally ‘sexually fluid’; a term I have only recently come across during a conversation with a girl at a London escort agency. I like the softness and sexiness of a woman’s curves, just as much as the muscle and hardness of a taut male body. My muse today, Amelia, was a hot, young fashion designer, who’d just signed up to a major fashion house. She’d made a beeline for me at a fashion show when she’d noticed me appraising her assets in the rest room mirror. Now she decided if I could not be her girlfriend, she’d settle for two hours per month, and that time was action-packed.

Amelia stood in her slip, with her tight rosebud nipples peering through the lace at the top. I liked to see that. She had a cute figure, but her ass was just so rounded and pert, that I wanted to bite it, smack it and caress it, all at the same time there is something about pert butts and agency girls. 

She liked to use a double dong for her maximum pleasure, but first I sucked at her clit until it was as erect as possible under my tongue and she started to twitch. I carefully inserted it into both of her lower orifices, whilst my hands massaged her bottom and then I dug my nails in as her excitement increased.  Soon, she was gasping and moaning my name, although she didn’t know my real name, and her climax ripped through her tiny, lithe body. 

She gasped for a few moments, but I knew she wasn’t finished yet. I took both ends of the dong out and affixed my strap-on. I saw her watching me with wide eyes, as it was huge. I slowly entered her wet hole from behind, feeling her pussy stretch and encase the girth. I found that so sexy, and being the horny escort that I am I, needed to touch myself with a finger. 

As I rotated slowly, she moved faster and faster, until I started to thrust hard with my finger rubbing my own clit, towards my own orgasm.  I held her ass with my hands on her hips, and could feel her tighten and pull me deeper. When her knees started to collapse, she jerked, again and again. I loved to see her like this; helplessly in rapture. 

I pulled out and pushed the strap-on inside me as I came. I had just enough inside me to tighten around. One day, perhaps she could do this to me; I think I would like her to do that.

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