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I Rode Him Slowly

8:16 pm, Sunday 26th June 2016

Grant’s cock filled my mouth nicely. He was of average size, neither too thick nor thin, and he was receptive to every move I made with my tongue and lips, he adored busty escorts and I was his dream date.

We moved to the bed and there I could take him deeper into my throat, feeling him pulsate gently. His face was transformed. “Aylin, this is so good. It’s been too long since this last happened.” I made a mental note of that comment and continued, using my hand to massage him in the timeless way we busty girls do.

Soon, he was close to orgasm, and he breathlessly asked me to stop. “I don’t want to come just yet. Will you masturbate for me please, whilst I watch?”

Grant immediately joined me, playing with my large breasts, bottom and my pussy lips, whilst I rubbed my clit, suddenly feeling self-conscious. I worked my hand in the way I liked, feeling the sensations get stronger. Grant was massaging himself slowly, keeping his erection up, but without taking it too far. 

I moved so I was above him. Grant smiled, reached for my big breast with one hand and steadied me with his other hand. I sank down on him and immediately could feel twinges of pleasure. He looked so gorgeous naked.  I rode him slowly, letting him feel my movements, teasing him with my pussy and getting him so worked up, I knew it was time to screw him faster. I was going to come. “I’m going to come and soon.” Grant held my cheeks apart as I rode him faster and faster. He cried out, just the once, and I shuddered as my release filled me with deep pleasure OMG this every escorts desire to be fucked good by every client.

Once finished, Grant lay facing me, playing lightly with my ample breasts. “I don’t have time for another bout tonight. I’m one of those who require a good hour to recuperate before my next sex session. Perhaps the next time, I’ll book an overnight session and you can keep me going for longer.”

His eyes were dangerously mesmerising. I knew he could not stay here overnight, but I nodded as he rose. “Can I shower?” I nodded and suddenly realised that perhaps he would now know I had a boyfriend. There was male shower gel  in the shower stand, deodorant and a second toothbrush in the holder!