The Escorts Agency and Rock Star Clients

12:15 pm, Tuesday 10th January 2017

Elspeth packed her stuff, trying to decide what was suitable for touring. She and two other girls from the escorts agency were supposed to meet the bands tour bus in Manchester and travel with them all over England for the next two weeks. Ed had requested them specifically.

On the one hand, she was stoked and excited to see a rock tour from the inside. On the other hand she just didn’t know what to expect.

The crowd was wild, people crying in the front row, reaching out, trying to touch…it was surreal. The agency escorts were backstage watching the show but just before it ended, tour manager, John Page led them back to the rooms. It was better to go now before the crowds completely blocked them in and they had to wait for the post show press plus autographs to end. That wouldn’t do because it didn’t pay for the girls to be tired. As the band’s night work night was winding down, theirs was just revving up.

They were partying in the hotel room when James Duvale was wheeled in by room service, totally naked and covered in whipped cream. There was surprised laughter and some squealing from the girls as they gathered round.

“Hey girls”, he said with a lecherous grin, “How do you like your midnight snack?”

The escorts groaned in unison at the cheesy line. Elspeth swiped her finger along James’ torso, coming away with a glob of whipped cream which she then proceeded to suck with loud obscene noises. James’ half hard member stood to complete attention as he watched and one of the other girls leaned in to lick at him with her tongue. Elspeth’s hand reached out to trace patterns along his hard length with her finger.

“Hey, why am I the only one naked?” James demanded and Elspeth reached out to Jessica across from her and whipped her top off. Jessica did the same for her and then Eva was behind her, unbuttoning her daisy dukes. Her fingers burrowed into the tight shorts, seeking her entrance. Elspeth widened her legs so that Eva could get at her. 

“Uuuhhh”, James groaned trying to sit up but Jessica pushed him back down, lifted her skirt and straddled him.

“Ooohhh”, James moaned as she ground herself against his hardness. Elspeth lost track of things for a while as Eva found her g-spot, and rubbed it with dedication. 

“Aaaahhhh”, James and Elspeth said in unison, finding release simultaneously.