London Escorts Trawling Bars

12:19 pm, Monday 16th January 2017

“Bartender! Another round.”

Kelly watched her date for the evening become ever more expansive as the evening wore on. This was their third London bar, and they hadn’t even reached the actual benefit they were supposed to be attending. She wondered if it was her duty as his escort to cut him off.  It wasn’t like she was his mother…

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked, surprisingly clear eyed for someone who had imbibed as much as he had.

“I am”, she replied with a smile. 

He pulled her to him and planted a kiss on her lips.

“Mmm. You taste good, not many escorts come as hot as you”, he murmured into her mouth. She opened her mouth wider to let him in and his tongue tangled with hers, savoring her. She leaned into him, brushing against his hardness as he pulled her closer. Then she moved. 

Not too far away though. 

They were still breathing the same air.

“Noah, aren’t we going for your benefit?” she asked.

His eyes were on her mouth, they gleamed with want and she leaned in closer and touched her lips to his. Her eyes stayed on his as she watched him lust over her.

“I don’t know. I can’t think with you so close.” He said and she laughed at his surprising honesty.

“Would you like to er, take the edge off?” she murmured, moving closer to glue her body to his again.

“How?” he asked, grinding his crotch against her.

“Your Mercedes has a very roomy back seat”, she suggested.

Noah sniggered with delight, “Well let’s go then.”

The specifics didn’t entirely matter. 

What mattered was that they somehow ended up in a London car park in the backseat of his Mercedes. 

Kelly conducted the proceedings with exactitude. She slipped underneath her date, lay on her back, and looked up into his eyes...that reflected nothing but clear admiration and extremely eager lust. 

That sparked an idea in Kelly’s mind, but she postponed it for later. She did not want to keep Noah--or herself--waiting any longer.

She reached between them seeking the zipper of his trousers but found that he’d beat her to it and his member was already hanging out, hard and ready. "Typical London escorts always so naughty" she couldn’t help but giggle as she snaked her legs around his waist and pulled him in.

“Unngh”, he said as he thrust forward. She arched up, meeting him more than halfway as he sheathed himself inside her.

“Oh yes. Now that’s what I’m talking about”, he murmured as he began to thrust.