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Wild Dreams About Fucking You

5:15 pm, Tuesday 19th July 2016

Robert was less nervous this time. He wore a thin smile, but his eyes were flashing with desire. There is something tragic about his circumstances, but I worked out from our phone conversation, there is nothing more tantalising than sexually desiring a pretty escort especially a busty one, with whom he can let go of frustrations and just relax with. I knew he was also curious about my relationship with Vlad. 

“He told me you’d had coffee together recently.” I nodded, but said nothing more. Then I changed my mind, as I watched him undress and turn to face me, with his cock twitching and a fire in his eyes. “Please don’t mention Vlad, whilst I am with you. The sex is very different.”

Now that comment roused his interest. He eyed my bottom as I slipped out of the lacy French knickers I wore. He watched me smooth my hands over my bottom and round to the front, before I slipped a finger down between my thighs.  I was wet and I slipped the tip on my finger onto my tongue, letting him know that my tight escort pussy tasted good.

The sex with Robert had been gentle last time. This time, it felt different. He muttered as he moved towards me. “I had wild dreams about fucking you last night.” His posh, clipped accent seemed not to suit the swearing, but it also created a sexual shiver down my spine. He touched my face gently and his desire was evident. As he moved me back against the bed, he asked me slowly. “Did Vlad do this for you?”

He knelt down suddenly and I found his tongue curiously probing my folds, until he alighted on my clit. I gasped and closed my eyes. I wasn’t sure if the question was rhetorical, so I decided not to answer. He hadn’t done this the last time and it felt too good to spoil with conversation. 

Then he rose, and pushed me gently back onto the bed. He rubbed his cock against my lips and pushed quickly inside. I gasped as he did so; there had been no warning. 

“Will you answer me please?” In deep, to his hilt, he paused and looked at my surprised expression. All I wanted to do was to move against him. Robert turned me on.