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Put This In Your Purse

4:52 pm, Tuesday 6th December 2016

“Jesus Christ,” Sisi hissed as she squirmed beneath the tongue currently invading the heat between her legs. If there was one thing she could say about her London escort job, it was that she was more than happy to be taking two thousand dollars to have someone else fuck her. Sandra didn’t seem to have a lot of interest in having orgasms herself. Sisi had learned over the past couple of months that the woman much preferred a more dominant role. 

A quiet chuckle came from between Sisi’s legs, and the escort didn’t have to hear it to know that was what it was – the vibration shot through her core like lightning, and Sisi twisted upwards with a heavy moan of appreciation. She could last when she wanted to, but it was getting more and more difficult when Sandra wanted a night (or five) with her. She was already lingering on the edge of finishing, and they had only been going about the tryst for ten minutes. 

“I didn’t rent a London penthouse hotel room just for you to be done within twenty minutes,” Sandra warned as she lifted her head to look at Sisi. “Don’t you dare.”

“Then you’d better stop,” Sisi panted, forcing her hips back down onto the King bed she had been thrown onto as soon as the door had shut behind them. “You know damn well what you’re doing, and how I respond to it.” It was true – Sandra had learned Sisi’s responses and what pushed her over the edge well in the past couple of months. Most other regular clients didn’t pay that much attention, and Sisi often found herself taking enough control to finish them both off. It wasn’t necessary in this scenario; perhaps that was why she allowed Sandra’s possessive behavior.

“Why would I stop?” Sandra asked, two fingers brushing against Sisi’s entrance. It was a touch that Sisi could have easily mistaken for a gust of air, but it made her gasp anyway, shifting despite her attempt at physical control. Said attempts went straight out of the window when two fingers sunk as deep into her as they could get, and her hand flew to her mouth so she could bite hard into her wrist, muffling a loud cry. Sandra came up onto her knees and slapped the hand away. 

“No,” Sandra said, tone firm. “You know better.” 

“Jesus,” Sisi repeated, her hand moving blindly for something to hold onto. She gave up when the intrusive fingers began a quick pace, no warning, and forced herself to focus on not finishing just yet. It was useless. She had taken a week off, hadn’t had an orgasm since, and her body liked to reset in terms of her tolerance when she decided the break was a smart choice. Her hips were jerking, her walls clenching hard around Sandra’s fingers, within three minutes. 

As Sisi panted and lay still on the bed, trying to regain her breath, she watched Sandra as she got off the bed and picked up an envelope from the desk. Her short, dark hair was a mess despite the fact that she hadn’t been laying down, and Sisi could see the glimmer of her own wetness reflecting on the light brown skin of her fingers from the lamplight. She sat up, clutching the sheet around her and letting out a heavy breath, just as Sandra tossed an envelope into her lap. 

“We’re not finished,” Sandra said as she moved towards the bathroom. “But put this in your purse.” 

Sisi peeked inside of the envelope, smirking a bit at the crisp notes inside. Yes…she certainly could have had a worse job.