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Louder Said The One Between Her Legs

9:34 pm, Monday 21st November 2016

“Shit,” Zoe hissed out loud when she felt a tongue meeting the wet heat between her legs. She couldn’t even see to verify who it belonged to; the three men had been all over her since the moment she had walked into the office room, and she had been tossed on a meeting table within ten minutes and advanced on. It wasn’t the first ‘gang bang’ she had taken part in during her career as a London escort; she was usually warned ahead of time, however, so this came as a bit of a shock.

She couldn’t complain. Zoe West had taken a month off for family, and the three businessmen were the first job she had taken since turning her line on again. With no significant other, her body had been deprived of the release it was addicted to. She didn’t mind in the least when one mouth was on her breasts, another between her legs, and one kissing along the side of her face at random intervals (he seemed more interested in watching the other two have their way). 

“Louder,” the one between her legs said between firm licks, and his voice confirmed his identity – Philip White. Which meant the one at her chest must have been Carl Moore. She remembered the brief mention of him being quite hands on, so it only made sense. They both liked a louder female escort, especially at work – the risk was exhilarating to them, and Zoe couldn’t deny having quite the interest in it as well. Thoughts of being arrested were often far from her mind; she had enough money to buy her way out if it came down to it.

It wasn’t difficult to be loud when two fingers found their way into her tight walls, and her hips nearly slammed into his chin as they shot up from the desk. The noise that tore from her throat would have been embarrassing if the lips at her breasts hadn’t wrapped around a nipple to further distract her. 

“Shouldn’t…shouldn’t I be the one doing this to you three?” Zoe managed to pant out in between quick thrusts of fingers and deep pulls on her nipple. Hadn’t that been the agreement when she met with James the other day? She would be making sure all three of them got off? 

“Clearly there was a change of plans,” Victor, the one that had been watching more than interacting, said to her. “This is much more enjoyable.” It was Victor that gave her a harsh orgasm with a simple touch. She would have to thank him later.