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4:43 pm, Tuesday 20th December 2016

Benjamin picked a short, full, black skirt and a tight purple halter-top that would barely cover her breasts for his dominatrix escort to wear.

She slapped his bare ass and pointed at her side of the bed, where his outfit for the day was assembled.

"Prepare yourself while I get dressed." she told him.

Benjamin dropped to his knees beside the bed and reached for the lube. He slowly stroked his cock as he eased two of his fingers in to his ass. Georgina got dressed, then sat on the edge of the bed to pull on her thigh high Rihanna for Mahnolo Blahnik boots. She watched Owen fuck himself open with four fingers, moaning the whole while.

"Stop." she ordered. "Stand up."

Benjamin jumped to his feet. Georgina wrapped a leather cock ring around the base of his cock, pulling in tight, before she fastened it. Georgina attached a ball separator to the ring and arranged his balls so they hung on either side of it.

She attached a thin leather strap around his waist.

"Bend over." she told him.

He did as he was bid, feet on the floor, chest on the bed, ass up in the air. Georgina lubed a butt plug and slid it into to his ass, twisting it so it was settled against his prostate. Only experienced escorts London women like her could provide this type of service. She attached another strap to the one around his waist, ran it between the cheeks of his ass, and attached it to the cock ring so it held the plug firmly in place.

"Stand up." she ordered.

They headed down to the convention hall of the hotel to the sex toy exhibition. The place was packed with people who had come to buy and sell every sex toy known to man.

"Oooooh, look at those." Georgina squeaked spotting a booth that sold realistic animal dildos.

Benjamin grunted as she yanked hard on his cock when she hurried across the room. They had all kinds of animals, real and fantasy. Benjamin's eyes got big when Georgina lovingly fondled a very large, very real looking horse cock.

"Head circumference 12.5 inches, shaft circumference, 9 inches, shaft length, 14.75 inches, " he read off the stats card, " no wonder a mare screams when a stallion mounts her, that's quite impressive."

Georgina giggled, bringing her hand up to her mouth to cover her smile.

"Would you scream if me and a couple other escorts London doms like me took turns mounting you and shoving it up your ass," she asked, "or would you beg for more?"

"Whatever my Mistress wanted." Benjamin replied.