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6:07 pm, Monday 3rd October 2016

I knew this would happen. I knew the day would come where someone will book me for escort services and it will turn out to be someone I know socially. It had happened with my ex-boyfriend, who was now married. His friend had booked me but I’d been wearing a wig and he hadn’t really known it was me; he only thought it could have been. I’d disguised my accent and gave him a false name. Lookalikes were commonplace nowadays. The other time it was a wedding guest with his wife and we’d both acknowledged each other and let it be.

As I undressed, I watched my client’s puzzled look in the mirror. I wore a long pale brown wig, six or seven shades darker than my own. I thought I had recognised him, but it was too late. As a new client, I wanted to impress Leo, but I had this feeling – a gut instinct – there was something familiar.

As we got down to business, Leo told me he didn’t want kissing, but he was fine with anything else. He touched my breasts, feeling the weight in his palms, and moved his knee up between my legs to rub against my pussy lips as he sucked on a nipple. 

I hadn’t placed Leo, but I guessed this wasn’t his real name either. I touched him, stroked him and got him so excited the way only a professional agency escort could that he needed penetration quite quickly I raised myself above him and drove myself down on top of him. “This is sexy,” he whispered, as he played with my bottom, moved around inside me and became passionate. “I could do this all day – your body is amazing.”

I realised he might like me to give him some reassurance. “You fill me up and your cock feels good. Just rotate a bit more and you’ll get me going.”

Leo sped up and moved well – just a hint of sexiness and play, as he stopped and absorbed the feeling of my pussy clenching him, before he started off again. “That’s good baby, I’m getting so wet and hot. “ I threw my hair back and pushed out my breasts and he moved his hands from my bottom back to rub the nipples. 

Of course, that never fails to make me come. I whimpered as I felt him touching, pinching and sexily tracing a line from my breast, down my rib cage, until he could just about felt my clit. “Just go for it,” Leo said, as he closed his eyes and let me ride him. He rubbed and pinched a nipple and did the same to my clit, sending shockwaves through me. Almost there, I rode him faster like one of those nymphomaniac agency escorts he fantasized about, until I felt my release rush through me. My nipples hardened and he bucked up, his cock swelling and pulsating at his release. 

I did not know how we knew each other, until the following week – but that’s another story.