Dominated By Tess

8:08 pm, Monday 2nd January 2017

George touched his swollen cock, lightly, trying to make the feeling last. He was just coming down from a marathon session with one of his favorite Saturday night escorts in London, Tess Huntzberger. Not that he called her Tess.

No sir. She was Ms. Huntzberger to him.

The authority in Ms. Huntzberger's voice when she danced, the confidence she displayed when she had exactly what she needed, the subtle smile she gave when everything was going her way...

George had a bit of a thing for power, and Ms. Huntzberger is an escort who displayed so much when she dominated him each weekend. It was different from any other relationship George had ever had.  His ex-girlfriend Penny had needed to be in control, had forced submission upon others, and had done everything she could, from manipulating him to threatening to go to the papers with his peccadilloes, to maintain the control.

For Ms. Huntzberger, it just came naturally. 

That was why he had traded relationships for escorts in London.

When Rubber Bottom played from the phone in his pocket, Ms. Huntzberger outright smirked. George brushed the tip of his penis with his fingers, imagining Ms. Huntzberger doing her best to frustrate George, to prolong the torment for as long as possible.

Finally, he could take it no more, and, after begging the woman in his imagination, finally gave in and gripped his cock to begin pumping furiously. A few seconds later, it was all over as George let out a breathy "Tess..."

His afterglow disappeared and he froze as he heard clapping. Slowly, he looked up over the back of the couch to see Ms. Huntzberger giving him a hand. 

"Nice performance, Georgie."

"Ms. Huntzberger!" George squeaked, mortified. "I-I-I-I thought you had left already."

"Oh, I forgot my cell phone," Ms. Huntzberger said as she stopped applauding. 

The woman went around the couch to the coffee table. She glanced at George and smiled. 

"Personally, my favorite moment is when I spin down the pole upside down on the second DVD. I recommend you check that out next."

"Yes, Ms. Huntzberger," George mumbled, his face as red as his vest.

The woman smiled.

"Oh, no, I think you might as well call me 'Tess' when we’re not…in character," she said as she walked to the door. 

"See you later, Georgie."

"Goodbye, Miz— Tess," George said as the door closed. He slumped back down on the couch, wondering if his day could get any more awkward.