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Are all Escorts in London Cheeky as You

12:22 pm, Tuesday 13th December 2016

It had been a long time since Cara was completely bare in front of a client. Most of them especially the ones who booked escorts in London during the conference season just liked to yank her dress up and fuck her until she couldn’t string sentences together. The ones that liked her breasts played with those first, then worked their way towards lifting the dresses and skirts she wore. It wasn’t like she had never been naked in front of a client before, but she had gotten used to the partial exposure, so being ordered to strip came as a bit of a shock. 

Of course, she obeyed. She always did. Her fingers worked along the buttons of her deep purple blouse, parting it at a slow pace. The zipper of her skirt went down its track just as slow, and the undergarments took about ten seconds to rid herself of. Piercing eyes took in her naked skin, and Cara had to cover her vulnerability with words; it always seemed to come to that.

“For someone wanting to fuck me, you’re sure doing a lot of staring,” Cara said, voice calm. William huffed a laugh "are all escorts in London as cheeky as you?" he teased..

“I’m paying you to entertain me,” he pointed out. “In any form I wish. And right now, I wish to look at a naked woman.” He wasn’t that suave, but Cara couldn’t bring herself to care. He was contradicting himself within thirty seconds and moving forward to push her up against the desk in the small office they were in, forcing her to bend over it and grab the other end. She was dripping from the force alone.

Taking the cue to spread her legs, Cara did so, stepping them apart so she could lean her hips up against the desk. This proved to be a bad idea; when William was suddenly pushing himself deep into the tight walls that waited for him, her hips were pressed almost painfully against the wood. In a way, it added to the pleasure. In another, she wished she could move into a more comfortable position.

Within a few minutes, it didn’t matter anymore. Cara’s hips slammed hard into the desk as William pounded his member into her, and she was dripping and clenching so hard that she couldn’t believe she hadn’t finished yet. The grip she had on the desk was tight enough to whiten her knuckles, and she began pressing her hips back to meet every thrust once she could gather herself again. He seemed to like the initiative she took.

“Just a bit louder,” William encouraged when Cara was nearly crying out with her forehead pressed to the desk, breasts crushed with the force of the thrusts into her. “If we’re to be caught, I want them to know how much I please you.” They were in a damn office building – there were people just on the other side of the door. Cara didn’t like the idea of being walked in on like this, but she increased her volume as requested, and ended up shouting her pleasure when William’s hand moved between her legs to rub firmly at her clit, matching the pace of his thrusts.

That was what did it for Cara. She cried out again and clutched at the desk as her orgasm tore through her, and she felt him release at the same time, his exclamations matching hers in volume. The vulnerability returned just as she started coming down – she was naked, lying flat on a desk, dripping down her thighs and craving another release. 

Exposure was dangerous, but her addiction was returning.