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Taken To Escorts Heaven in London

6:16 pm, Monday 24th October 2016

Elena shared the same name as my ‘escort’ name. I’m really called ‘Emma’. Only two of my clients know my real name. The rest get the more exotic version, which includes a ‘more exotic, erotic me’ too.

Elena was tall, super-skinny so it was no shock to learn she was here on a couple of contracts, prior to London Fashion week, as a model. 

As I looked at her small breasts, I realised she looked so young. Why was she booking me? I asked her the question. Her heavily-accented voice offered me a reply which made me want to giggle. “I have a girl-crush on Brigitte Bardot. You look like her, but I can’t sleep with her only you. Let me see you naked.”

She wasn’t shy then!

I did as I was told and knelt on the bed as requested. She wanted to tongue me first as it would turn her on. I felt anticipation rise in my loins, and I waited almost impatiently for the first lick of her tongue. Instead, Elena sat beside me, stroked my breasts and brushed slim fingertips over my pussy lips, causing a shiver to course through me, so many escorts in London yearn for that feeling from a client. This made my nipples stand to attention, giving away my arousal, and it was a good few minutes, before she breathed against my lips.

“Ah, darling, you are wet for me. I’ll insert a finger too. That’ll be most satisfying for both of us.”

I wanted to giggle as her chat amused me, but I was also primed for her action. She wanted nothing from me yet, that was clear.

As she placed, her tongue on my lips, she ran it along the length of my lips and up onto my mound, where she bit the almost bare skin lightly with her tiny, perfect teeth. The bite sent shockwaves through my clit as it hardened. She hadn’t even touched me yet, but I could feel myself moisten further too oh gosh I was in escorts heaven.

“Can you move your legs wider apart please?” Elena requested, as she wiggled her tongue at me saucily, thinking I could not see, but I could. I viewed her naked form in the mirror and the view of her full bush, made me wonder if she didn’t have to wear lingerie. Before I could think about that, the tip of her tongue alighted upon my clit.