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Sent My Escort Senses Into Overload

9:51 pm, Tuesday 16th August 2016

Grigor sat and watched Milo as he undressed with a predatory look I’d only ever seen in wildlife programmes. His erection strained against his tight underwear. He moved to get onto the bed, leant forward and pulled my bathrobe apart. He kissed me hotly, as I ran my hands up and down his smooth chest. The muscles were defined. I heard Grigor cough and we both looked towards him. 

“Get your knickers off girl, can’t you see he wants you. His cock is so hard that I’ll have to fuck him if you don’t.”

I’d never heard Grigor talk like that. He had always been professional during his stopovers in London, a little kinky with girl escorts, but had never suggested that he was sexually interested in men.

I felt my pussy tremble at the thought of him deep inside me. “Are you okay?” I whispered and Milo smiled. “Yes, although it would help if you took off that damn bathrobe.” I smiled and took off the rest of my underwear, leaving the items on the bedside table. 

I was horny at the thought of being watched having sex with the young assistant. Milo, who couldn’t have been more than twenty-one, had a lovely body. He still needed to fill out, but he was lithe and looked after himself this was escorts heaven.

I touched my breasts again and smoothed my hands down my body, whilst Milo finished his beer. Leaning across me to put his bottle on the bedside cabinet, I took the opportunity to hold him in my hand and to give him a quick massage. I could feel Milo’s penis swell even further. His soft, hot skin had me twitching, so I grabbed a condom from the bedside table, and quickly and expertly put it on him. I didn’t want to halt proceedings too much.

I took him into my mouth and sucked away, letting my hands fondle his balls. After a minute, I moved him back and pointed to my pussy. “Okay, do you need my tongue?”

Well, that hadn’t crossed my mind, but he was welcome to do what he wanted. The thought of his handsome face buried deep between my thighs sent my escort senses into overload. 

I looked over at Grigor and caught him with both legs over the arms of the chair; one hand fondling his cock, and the other fondling his balls. As long as he was enjoying himself!