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My Nipples Hardened

10:32 am, Tuesday 14th June 2016

My client was silhouetted by the outside light, so I could not see his features yet. As he moved towards my table, I waved and he waved back. Joseph rounded a large palm tree inside the restaurant. Wiry as opposed to thin; tall, and with wavy blonde hair, he smiled tentatively. His walk was slow, not rushed and I felt a tingle between my thighs. He would probably not rush in bed either a sophisticated man who enjoyed a long slow screw with his escorts. I figured Joseph was a London chap in his late thirties and in his prime years. I had no idea why he hadn’t settled down. Perhaps he had, but had split up or had been stung by an expensive divorce.

Before he joined me, he removed his mohair jacket. I saw a flash of the label. Ozwald Boateng was an expensive designer; a Savile Row tailor held in high regard.  I relaxed and played with the stem of my wine glass. Joseph was pleasant, although he looked a little apprehensive. “This is my first time on a date in London with an escort, so I wanted it to feel natural. I hate rushing anything.” He smiled and I noticed his green eyes for the first time. They were magnetic.The restaurant served tasty tapas and I’d been in here before. Joseph chatted as he relaxed. The sexual tension coming from him electrified the air as he noticed my lips, my eyes, my hair, but he didn’t make any comments.We left and walked past a few famous London landmarks to his hotel in Mayfair. As we approached he asked me if I offered any long-term escorting arrangements. I looked at him curiously. “I don’t want any commitment, that’s all. I just want a regular monthly meet-up like this.”I smiled and took his hand. This was the first contact between us and electricity coursed through my crotch as he stroked my fingers.  He whispered as we walked down the corridor to his room. “I want hot sex; sex where you tease me horribly, so I can’t take any more. Can you do that?” I nodded and reached towards his crotch. His erection was blazing hot through is trousers. I squeezed him gently. “Let’s see how long you can last. You’ve wanted to fuck my tight escort arse since you first saw me.”At my swear word, a flush of desire lit up Joseph’s face. He opened the door and faced me. “I want you to finger my ass first. Are you okay with that?” It was my turn to blush and my nipples hardened under my blouse. That did not go unnoticed.