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The Ultimate Fck

8:46 pm, Monday 30th May 2016

Jared was a good four inches inside me, and was not even half-way in. I urged him to move slowly, but his smile told me, he was already enjoying the sensation of being inside a hot busty loverlike me. Soon, he was taking my guidance and  every time I pushed up, he entered me a little bit further.

Within minutes, we had a rocking motion going on. It worked for him because he could get deeper inside my pussy which had moistened nicely. I thought now that he was already stimulated he might appreciate a good riding, so I suggested I go on top. 

Jared was so pleased with the suggestion and extracted himself slowly. “Was that okay for you?” I nodded and kissed him. He responded passionately, but I stopped and pushed him onto his back. We needed to keep the momentum going. On top, I could manage him better and there was enough room. “You are so tight, Izabella. Richard told me that out of all the busty escorts he had been with you were the ultimate fuck.”

We both giggled and I winked at Jared. I could even imagine Richard saying that. I took Jared’s hands and placed them on my large breasts. He closed his eyes in rapture as I increased the screwing motion. “That’s good.” He whispered quietly.

As he pinched my nipples, I realised he was close to his first orgasm inside a woman who had been hired as his escort. I deliberately clenched his tip again and again, each time I raised myself and drove back down. Soon he was gasping, and with one final thrust, shouted out. “Yes!” 

I carefully clambered off him and he turned to me. “Your problem is, Jared, you would scare off a virgin. They’d be scared anyway. Let me give you some advice.”

Jared was listening. “Okay, go on, what do you want to say?” He meekly reached out to stroke a nipple. It responded and stood to attention.

I stroked his length slowly and he shivered. “It won’t take long, Izabella.” I smiled, “I meant, that you perhaps need a girl with more experience, perhaps a year or so older. She can teach you a few things then. Also, don’t let anyone tell you they are too small. You can arouse them so that you fit.”

I looked down at his penis which was now swelling in size. I knew I’d need a hot deep bath after this session.