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He Smiled in Satisfaction

11:04 am, Tuesday 30th August 2016

Freddie the London cabbie addicted to busty escorts eased himself inside me. I was still wondering about his artistic tendencies, as he drilled inside, slowly, just easing his way deeper and deeper. I could feel my pussy opening up and clenching him involuntarily. This was promising to be good sex. As he lay on top of me, I could feel the heat and sexual tension emanating from his body. He smelt good too, but I had no idea what aftershave he was wearing. I could tell it was expensive from the quality of the musk and cedar notes. I switched my concentration to moving with him. He was heating me up now, my large breasts rocking with every movement and whilst he was close to orgasm, I was still some time away. He rocked and twisted and let out an almighty roar as he came. I clenched him again and again, squeezing every last drop of his come out of him.

He stayed for a moment or two and pulled off. I turned to him and smiled. Freddie got off the bed and headed to the bathroom. 

When Freddie returned, he looked relaxed and his face has lost the hunger he’d previously shown. But I noticed a lazy grin already starting at the corner of his mouth. He surveyed my curvy busty figure then he pointed at his cock. “It takes five or six minutes to get fully-loaded.  This time you can pick whatever you want in terms of position.”

Time was running out for us, so I decided to go on top to make it easier for me to gauge my pussy’s reactions. I felt my pussy twinge as he put on a new condom and I slid down easily on him. “Babe, you are so wet this why I just love busty escorts like you. Do you think you might come if you do the moving?” I smiled and explained that I could never tell; sometimes it just happened.

I started by rotating and soon he joined in. Thrusting upwards again and again, I could not help myself. I leaned backwards so I could feel the benefit of his cock, closed my eyes and let the sweet sensations take over. I was in a world of my own. I could feel the heat and the slightly twisting sensation against my clit and that was it. My roar was almost as loud as Freddie’s. He closed his eyes and smiled in satisfaction.