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In Bed with a Movies Star

8:53 pm, Sunday 15th May 2016

Screwing Ryan was proving to be more difficult that I thought. He was great-looking, but just as the physically plain Barry didn’t look attractive, he was sexy and sensual and did turn me on. Ryan didn’t. It didn’t matter, he had made enquiries to find out who the best Russian escorts in London were and I was at the top of his list, I had to make Ryan feel treated and sexually sated and I knew I could do that.

Just as I was about to move down onto his erection, he shifted and winced. “I sort of hurt my back during a stunt,” he said.  I offered to massage the area, but he shook his head. “No, dinner will be here in twenty minutes.” 

I continued to move on top of him, grabbing my own breasts to try to get myself aroused, given he hadn’t touched me intimately. I could feel myself become wetter, until he whispered, “That feels so much better.”  I finished off with a hard and fast screwing motion something that Russian girls are very good at doing; and this made him come silently. 

I guessed he was happy with the result, but we ate dinner in silence. “Most of my clients tend not to talk either, so don’t worry if there is silence.” Ryan looked at me. “I thought you’d be chattier, but you have a great body and a lovely smile. That’s fine by me.”

So, I talked over dinner. I told him about my soft furnishings business, my lingerie modelling and the fact I only work a couple of evenings per week and I had a boyfriend, who worked as an escort for wealthy Russian ladies a couple of days per week too.”

That’s outrageous!” Ryan exclaimed, his eyebrows raised high as he took in this information. “Do me a favour, when we are having sex, close your eyes and think about fucking your boyfriend. Think about how he feels inside and see it that gets you going.”

Later, we were back in bed. I massaged Ryan’s hip where a bruise still yellowed his skin and then worked on his firm bottom, letting my fingers probe between his thighs, to a responding sigh. 

Thinking about Josh’s gorgeous face going down on me, tasting my pussy, roused me nicely and my response was to slowly screw Ryan until he came with a loud groan. 

I left feeling happier about the end of the evening and I held a secret no-one would ever find out. Now I know exactly what Ryan was like in bed, unlike most of his fans.