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8:07 pm, Wednesday 14th September 2016

Guy’s kinks are not unusual. In fact, he is pretty sedate by some standards. I was the naughty girl who was getting ‘rewarded’ for my wins and his losses. It mirrored his personal life. I wished he would just have straight, quick sex, but there was guilt there. I gathered he had fucked around during his marriage, with different escorts in London and most of all with the blonde Latvian au-pair telling his wife everything as she walked from the bedroom naked, back to her own room. It got worse, with strings of young London socialites. The wife won a huge settlement and he’d quietened for a while. 

I stood there topless, watching Guy strip off. His cock was hard and ready for action, but he wanted to play some more. My damp panties were a tell-tale sign I was ready and Guy smiled as he patted his lap.

I knelt across his legs and he pulled me onto his so he was comfortable with my weight. My bottom was still encased in sheer knickers, and he ran a slow finger down to the gusset which he rubbed lightly before moving back up to my bottom. 

The first spank he let out a low moan. “So you want to see my horses lose, do you?”

I wanted to giggle, but played along. He rubbed my bottom slowly, pinching the skin and making me want to open my legs. I couldn’t without falling off. Anyway, I needed to wait for his commands.

He spanked me again, his had falling hard on my skin. It aroused him and he talked dirty to me. “Are you wet yet? Are you ready for me to squeeze inside that tight, little pussy of yours, naughty escort?”

I nodded as his hand came down again and again. I could feel his cock pressing into my ribs as he spanked me. He was wet too.

Then he stopped for a few moments, and pulled down my knickers. “Your bottom isn’t as red as I had hoped, but you don’t want me to draw blood do you delicious escorts in London like you can't afford to mark the merchandise aye?”

I breathlessly asked him to respect that wish. He agreed that it would be noticeable for days. “I can’t expect that, but I can expect you to be a good girl when I want you to be.”

“What would you want me to do?” I asked as his fingers probed between my cheeks and down to my pussy lips. “I’d like you to cry out when I spank you this next few times. I’ll get so hot for you then.”

I whispered back, “Go ahead, Guy. Do it!”