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Maggie Straddled Belindas Face

11:24 am, Monday 6th June 2016

I had my tongue on Maggie’s clit and two fingers inside her hot pussy. She was moaning as she neared orgasm, but Belinda had requested me to stop so she could watch her girlfriend come. 

As she did, she was urging Maggie to just let go. 

“Let her enjoy this,” I said, stopping briefly to look at Belinda. Instead Belinda delved between my legs and started to finger my clit and pussy lips. She liked to do that and was careful not to be rough. As soon as Maggie started to moan, Belinda started to lick me slowly, carefully keeping to the sides, and away from the hood, just in the way she liked me to perform oral sex on her. She was quite the expert probably as good as a couple London escorts I partied with last week, but I could not tell her that; it would go to her head. 

As Maggie recovered from her orgasm, I rested my head on her legs as Belinda speeded up. My orgasm came in waves and she rubbed my lips afterwards so that I could feel the full benefit.

As we moved around, Belinda wanted all the focus on her. I took out a double-ended dildo and we all giggled. Instead, I knew what she wanted.

Lying on her back, the vibrator I took out next teased her pussy and as she arched up, Maggie stroked her bottom.  I used my tongue to gently lick and kiss her thighs until she was ready for the flick of my tongue. Maggie then straddled her Belinda’s face and Belinda’s pink tongue could be seen flicking upwards and around the most sensitive of Maggie’s parts.

The sounds of enjoyment grew and echoed throughout the London night as the pleasure mounted. I worked hard and my jaw ached slightly, as Belinda concentrated on Maggie’s fulfilment rather than herself. I pushed harder and turned up the vibrator a notch. The buzzing sound permeated the sounds of licking and sighing. That did the trick. Maggie and Belinda came at the same time. As Belinda squirted, Maggie laughed. “I wish I could do that.”

I sat back, happy they had enjoyed the experience. That was my escorting assignment finished for the night. Back home, I had my boyfriend, Ryan, waiting for me. He was cooking lasagne, opening a good bottle of wine and I had good music to also look forward to. A perfect ending to a long hard day at work!