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My Breasts Drape Over His Chest

6:49 pm, Monday 9th May 2016

I was told that they need escort girls London chicks who new how to deliver a mind blowing experience. I stopped and checked the booking again. The name was familiar and I could not remember exactly where I’d heard the name. I did a quick search on the internet and realised the name was a character from a film I had watched. The agent who had booked this encounter was very careful that I signed a non-disclosure agreement, and emailed it back to him. I wondered if this was an actor, but the agent only disclosed I had been recommended as I was not only very good, but I was also extremely discreet. 

When I reached the West London hotel, not far from the main theatres, I checked the room number and headed straight there. As I reached the hotel room, I paused before knocking. A few seconds passed and I heard footsteps padding to the door. I instantly recognised the actor, Ryan, and headed inside. 

“I know who you are, but don’t worry, I’ll not disclose anything.”

Ryan smiled and fixed me with a look. “We’re eating dinner in, so please choose what you want from this menu. Also please choose what wine you’d like.” He was efficiently polite.

I sat down as Ryan confidently opened the mini-bar. “Would you like a drink?”  I was still recovering from the shock. I’d watched him acting in a film recently with Rachel, who was a huge fan of his. How would I be able to look her in the eye after this encounter?

“Yes please, a gin and tonic please. The Bombay Sapphire, not the other type.” I recognised the bottle from this distance.

As he poured, I decided to ask him what he wanted from the evening. I was booked for four hours, so would be away by eleven-thirty. Sex, dinner and more sex I gathered, well thats what most guys wanted from escorts on a London stay over. 

I wasn’t wrong, but as the meal was created by his chef, there would be an hour wait. I undressed down to my underwear as requested and Ryan took off his t-shirt to display biceps. 

He looked at me in the eye. “Do you know you look like Brigitte Bardot? The resemblance is unbelievable; those same eyes, cascading hair, and slightly crooked smile.”

That last comment wiped the smile off my face. In return, I didn’t mention how ripped his muscles looked and offered no comment about his toned body as he walked naked to the bed. He was limp rather than erect, but I could sense that he would not be too hard to wake up.

I leant forward and kissed the tip of his cocks and all the way down his shaft so my face reached into his pubic hair. I was right. His cock perked up and he let me pull him onto the bed. Then I straddled him and let my breasts drape over his chest, nipple-to-nipple.