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Many Faces Many Places

7:14 pm, Tuesday 8th November 2016

The ones that didn’t want to meet for dinner or drinks first were the ones that made Sophie West’s job the most interesting. She may have been high class and expensive, but that didn’t exclude her from any of the lewder acts of the escort profession. Some of her favorite times were when the door to some King room at a nice London hotel flung open, and she was robbed the chance of a greeting before she was thrown up against the nearest wall and ordered to keep her mouth shut and her hands to herself. Some liked to tie her up, but she had experienced that so many times that she didn’t even blink anymore when a belt came off or a scarf went around her wrists. The hard, relentless thrusts that filled her with thick length drove her over the edge, and she kept coming back for more tastes of physical pleasure that plenty London escorts craved, something she never would have gotten as a youngster. 

The women Sophie met with were just as fun, if not more. They weren’t afraid to get creative with her, and were more often the ones risking arrest than the men. A few times, Sophie found herself thrown over a bench in The Regent’s Park, biting hard into her wrist as a raven-haired beauty nipped and sucked at the hard bundle of nerves beneath her dress. She wasn’t an escort for her own pleasure, however, and took great joy in tossing whichever woman was on her menu for the night to the ground and thrusting three fingers deep into wet heat that made her purr with approval. She loved listening to them cry out, loved feeling how hard they writhed against her wrist when she was two knuckles deep. Sophie believed wholeheartedly that one could learn a lot about a person based on the way they reacted to sex; she turned it into a game, and often walked away with new regulars.

The most thrilling part of all the work she did was getting paid. The envelopes were never light; she did too much to blow her clients’ minds (and other parts of their body) for that. As Sophie slid into the town car she liked to use to get to and from appointments, she weighed the newest envelope in her hand, a small smirk crossing her features. Yes…her job was indeed full of perks for client and escort.