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Time For Another Session

7:41 pm, Monday 26th September 2016

I was ready for the challenge. Nick’s passion had grown. From the simple kisses to the deep, thrusting of our tongues, I could taste myself, and that, was an even bigger turn-on. 

I moved down his body and kissed, licked and sucked until I reached his bobbing erection. Busty London escorts know how to please, his cock was straining for attention and I placed my soft lips around the tip and started to suck him. I knew how to use suction and as I performed for him, he watched me. I moved so he could touch my ass, and he stroked and probed, until all I could do was to whimper with his cock inside my mouth.

Pulling away, he grabbed a condom, and soon we were entwined, moving twisting, rotating and feeling very single touch. My nerve cells were pulsing and I could hear the beat of his heart as it thundered in his chest. 

We were moving as one in a primal way as many had before. Our cries mingled as we came and I held him hard as my pussy clench again and again, until he could take no more. 

When sex with a busty escort is this good, there is often silence and wonderment. My breathing calmed down and I was able to ask if I could use the en-suite. I really needed to clear my head for a moment. Nick traced a finger over my palm. “Of course, you don’t have to ask.”

As I sat on the toilet, I wondered just what had transpired.

Was it possible to do this and not feel anything? Most of the time, it was a pure client/escort relationship. I had to stay resolute. 

This was only sex. 

I washed my flushed, perspiring face and looked at my troubled expression. I smiled instead and my eyes twinkled. That was better.

I went back to Sebastian and he held out his arms. “I need a cuddle.” I laughed and took my pillow and hit him playfully. “You softie!” I exclaimed and he smiled. Post coital, he looked amazing. His trendy cut was exaggerated with its choppiness. His eyes looked relaxed and he looked more tanned against the white sheets.

I looked at him and pretended to think. “I hope that met your needs, Sebastian.” He looked at me as I settled in to cuddle him, his head on my shoulder and his lips close to my breast. He nodded, and then hesitated. “It did back then, but I’m thinking there is still time for another session.”