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Spread My Legs Wider

2:08 pm, Wednesday 24th August 2016

I unhooked my bra slowly as Freddie watched my every move. I had been instructed to tease him and that I knew I could do well. He watched me with is mouth slightly open, and then he formed an “O” with his lips. 

“You’re even better than your photos on the escort agency website. Perhaps it is because you are here and real.”

A slightly obvious comment, but I smiled as I walked to him. Freddie was muscular; a successful builder by trade, and I could imagine the feel of his muscles as I slipped a slow finger into the top of his shirt. With smooth skin and a tiny smattering of chest hair under my fingertips, I moved down to cup his pectoral muscle and to tweak a nipple. Whilst Freddie was enjoying this, his need for the love of one of the best escorts London could produce could be clearly seen in his eyes.

“I’ll get undressed then. Are you okay with lying face down on the bed, with your legs wide open? I’d like to penetrate you that way.”

I smiled as I placed my hand on the bulge in his designer jeans. I could tell he was well-endowed. I undid the first few buttons and slid my hand down so I could caress his tip. It was moist and I played with him carefully, until he let out a soft moan. “I need this now,” he whispered, as he brushed back my hair and pulled my lips onto his. The kiss was gentle and inquisitive, but I could feel the tremble as my hand started to move up and down. I stopped pulled Freddie gently up, so he towered above me.

Kneeling down, I revealed his tip and then the rest of his long, thick length as I took down his jeans. This was slow and sexy, but it wouldn’t be for long. I’d been stroking myself through the crotch-less knickers, and through the half-cup bra. Freddie liked a striptease; we’d discussed this in detail on the phone. Now, it was down to escort business.

I lay face down on the bed, as Freddie readied himself. I placed a cushion under my hips to elevate myself. “You look incredible,” Freddie breathed as his fingers trailed down my back and across the curve of my buttocks. “You look like a work of art. I draw models at college, but they never look like you.” He paused for a moment and spread my legs a little wider. I felt glad he couldn’t see to look of surprise on my face!