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What Happens in Costa Rica

12:34 pm, Monday 31st October 2016

“Is your passport current Leslie?” the office administrator at the London escorts agency asked as she stepped in the reception area.

“Yes of course.”

“Good. Because Phillip Asher wants to fly you out to Costa Rica tonight.”

“Whoa okay. Just me?”

“You and Lucinda actually. He’s having a party on his boat.”

“Okay then”, Leslie said turning around to leave, “I have shopping to do. Email me the details.”

“Don’t I always?”

When they arrived on the boat, Leslie was glad she’d gone with the sequined gold bikini. And gotten the spray tan. She was surrounded by golden gods and she was glad that she blended in. Phillip caught sight of her and his eyes lit up.

“Leslie!”, he said staggering over to give her a kiss, “So glad to see you.”

“Hi Phillip. Nice to see you too.”

His eyes ran up and down her body, “Looking hot as always.”

Leslie sketched him a cute curtsy, “Thank you kindly”, she said with a sassy agency escorts smile, “So where’s the party?”

“Right this way, c’mon.” he grabbed her hand and led her deeper into the boat. 

The party was loud on the deck of the boat but down in the cabin is where the action was. A blonde man was kissing a red headed man while Lucinda blew them both. She took one into her mouth, sucking him down as far as she could go and then the other. They moaned into each other’s mouths as she sucked them off and Leslie glanced at Phillip, to see if he wanted her to join them. He reached out, cupping her ass in his hands and squeezed. Then he took hold of her bikini bottom and bunched it between her ass cheeks.

“Such perfect buns”, he murmured squeezing them. He leaned down to kiss first one cheek then the other as she spread her legs to give him better access. Suddenly the red headed man was in front of her, fondling her breasts. The blonde was pounding Lucinda into the bed while she moaned and screamed. The red head took Leslie’s bikini top off, the better to knead her boobs. She felt Phillip’s hard member nudging between her legs and bent slightly forward bracing herself against the red head’s thighs as Phillip thrust into her from behind. The red head wrapped his hands around her arms as he eased his dick into her mouth. She sucked obediently as Phillip fucked her. She could hear Phillip and the red head swapping spit above her. The night was just beginning.