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Shuddered to a Juddering Orgasm

12:20 pm, Thursday 7th July 2016

After the ‘Justin’ episode, I was a little in shock, but sated. The sex had been very good after all and I wouldn’t forget that one-off experience. I stood on the tube home, rather than sitting as my bottom was fairly sore. My skin felt flushed and I’m sure I had that ‘just had sex’ look about me. A few men glanced my way, but that was usual, escorts London tubes and buses always equates to sex mad guys steering at my booty!

I held on as the metal tube wound its way under the bustling streets of London, and hoped Josh wanted to cuddle and sleep later as I felt too sore, and in different areas! I mused upon another encounter which had left me sated, but sore, too. 

It went back two years ago. A guy called Paul who was into spanking in a big way. He was a banker who only fucked escorts and he’d rented a plush suite in a five star hotel in Central London. I was more naïve in those days, but also more open to different and new experiences. This whole experience was a first for me.

I remember being spread-eagled over a chair, with a butt plug in my ass, and feeling every single touch of the leather paddle on my buttocks. Two other young men watched this debacle, massaging their cocks, as Paul took me and continued to spank me. What turned me on was turning my head to watch the two young men coming into their hands. It was a naughty day, and the only time I’ve had three men in one session. Each took longer than the last. Whilst I didn’t actually come with Paul, the fact he played with my breasts and clit whilst the others screwed me, added hugely to my pleasure. 

The final guy, I can’t even remember his name, completely lost it when I shuddered to a juddering orgasm. I had squeezed his cock so tight, he’d cried out, much to the amusement of the others.We’d drunk the hotel bar dry and I’d rested with a very welcome glass of champagne, before showering and heading home on the tube, just as I had done today.

I looked up and realised I was smiling at nothing. The tube was slowing down, and I realised with a jolt, it was my stop next. How time can pass when you are having fun!