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Feel my nipples harden

11:59 pm, Thursday 24th March 2016

I mused on my activities over the past week. Every single londonescorts encounter is different. It doesn’t matter if my client is male, female, a couple, or a group; everyone has different, and sometimes, very specific tastes.

Take Ryan, for example. He turned up to our London date tanned, suited and booted, but very fidgety, until I reassured him that I was there to help; to titivate and to take him away from his everyday activities and worries.

When you are experienced as I am, you realise that there is no substitution for honesty. In that way, the client gets what they want and the barriers lower. I sometimes get what I want; an orgasm or a fun time. Some people are serious when it comes to sex, but Ryan wanted the opposite and a trip back to being a teenager. 

He didn’t take off his suit – well, not fully. He took off his shoes, socks, trousers and his underpants, but he wanted to wear his jacket, tie and shirt. He wanted a good spanking first and knelt upright on the bed. Then he wanted a slow, sexy blowjob well he was with the perfect escort for that.

Ryan wanted me to tell him off, and as I did so, he called me ‘Miss Anderton’. I stroked his bottom, and pushed his legs apart slightly so I got a good view of his cock through his legs. Why not treat myself to some fun as well? As usual, I could feel my nipples harden as I smacked his bottom and watched his cock swell in response.

Miss Anderton was a young, frisky teacher, who had seduced Ryan when he was a sixteen- year-old schoolboy. She’d spanked him for being cheeky, but instead of spanking him through his trousers, she’d bared his bottom, but the spanking turned into fondling and he’d come. After that, there were several more instances. I told him off as asked; told him he had a very big erection for so young a man, and Ryan was soon on the verge of orgasm. I applied protection and positioned myself under him, taking his cock into my mouth and giving him the slow, sensual sucking he wanted, whilst my hands continued to alternately fondle and spank him. He came with a groan.

“That was so good. I picked you because you look like her.”