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Penelope (26)


In: £200 / Out: £250

Tall and Naughty Babe, A+ Highly Recommended

Review by Joe on 08/17/2020 (1 hour Incall)

As perfect as pictures.  


Easy to find and very functional.  

Review by Billy on 07/30/2020 (1h Incall)

Penelope was amazing better than her picture in real life 

10/10 amazing service 

Very clean and tidy 

Review by Peter on 07/11/2020 (2 h Outcall)

Fantastic! Very beautiful! Better than pictures  

Amazing, great time x 

My place! 

Review by Alex on 07/03/2020 (2 h Incall)

Fantastic in every sense. 

Very very Top!!!! 

Very nice ambience  

Review by Lel on 03/09/2020 (1hour Outcall)

Perfect! Nothing to say ..she is more beautiful inside than outside.she is full of love and knows how to express it❀️ 


My hotel  

Review by Danny on 02/22/2020 (6 hours Incall)

Simply beautiful and beyond this World 

Blew my mind 

Very nice, spacious & modern flat. Easy to find 

Review by Dave on 02/21/2020 (1h Incall)

Very sexy, tall, attractive,intelligent lady she satisfied me 100%
I recommend her 


Very clean bag g apartment with mirrors  

Review by Anonymous on 01/15/2020 (2hour Incall)

Super hot girl,long legs very beautiful , slime body ..perfect!  

Excellent service! 

Very clean and elegant . 

Review by Fin on 01/10/2020 (1hour Incall)

Beautiful, tall, stunning. She made me feel very comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed myself 

Amazing, 5 stars 

Nice, easy to find 

Review by Moe on 01/07/2020 (1hour Incall)

Amazing in every way! Great hour spent  

Mind blowing!  

Easy to find, perfect bed.  

Review by Mikey Jo on 01/06/2020 (1 hour Outcall)

Tall, Lively, positively crazy in bed, highly recommended 

GFE, she made me feel like we knew each other for a month 


Review by A.k on 01/05/2020 (2hr Outcall)

Penelope was very nice girl, tall and skinny with long legs, and nice attitude
Great time!
See you again,thank you for everything ! 

The best!


Review by ibo on 01/03/2020 (1 hr Incall)

Amazing body, funny and has sexy long legs lol 

very welcoming and offered water 

Very clean and spacious 

Review by Mike on 12/30/2019 (2hour Incall)

I met Penelope 3 times before she is exactly like like pictures it hotter. Super tall and fit. Great conversation. A really great girl. 

I been 3 times and the service is obviously amazing. 

Easy to find,clean nice flat  

Review by Anon on 12/30/2019 (1hr Incall)

Wow, amazing and better than the pictures. 

1st class, very patient and will be back. 

Very nice and welcoming. 

Review by Sall on 12/28/2019 (1 hr Outcall)

Very gorgeous and lovely.. tall and naughty with a beautiful ass...makes horny for first minute I highly recommend!!!! 

Perfect SERVICE!!! Amazing OWO LOVE IT 

My private home 

Review by A.d on 12/28/2019 (1hour Outcall)

Good company ,very nice smile ,tall girl..perfect! 

Amazing service, the best  


Review by John on 12/27/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Very friendly and cute. Amazing smile.  

Amazing. Great kisser. Very beautiful.  

Very spacious, clean apartment .  

Review by Darius on 12/21/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Stunning looking girl who looked after me as she would. Happily see her again  

Perfect as expected, made to feel relaxed 

Was nice and comfortable  

Review by Mike on 12/20/2019 (2 hours Incall)

Amazing tall tall tall legs. Gorgeous. She is very friendly ,fun and super crazy girl. 

Amazing service will be back. 

Beautiful clean flat 

Review by JJ on 12/14/2019 (1hour Incall)

Simple nice and very polite girl! Friendly with nice smile  

everything she writes in profile 

Very clean and discreet  

Review by John Spencer on 12/10/2019 (1h Outcall)

Great girl and amazing time :-)

Good massage, great conversation and good laughs.
Best time ever in London.
Highly recommended! 


Review by John Spencer on 12/10/2019 (1hr Outcall)

Great girl and amazing time :-) 

Good massage, great conversation and good laughs.
Best time ever in London.
Highly recommended!


Review by Maz on 12/06/2019 (1hour Incall)

Amazing and friendly. Beautiful and very easy going!
Highly recommended. 

Great service  

Very clean and discreet  

Review by Jason on 11/25/2019 (1h Outcall)

Amazing girl very professional and she is beautiful more than the picture. Also she has a great personality and she is very polite. Enjoy a real good experience. Thank you so much peachy escort.

Amazing quick and simple 


Review by Aj on 11/24/2019 (1hour Incall)

WOW! This Girl is Amazing. Top of the top. more beautiful than in pictures and services .. oh. I will return 



Review by John on 11/20/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Amazing :)
Very beautiful
Long legs and great body  

Very good service

Clean and nice  

Review by John on 11/16/2019 (2hour Outcall)

F’ing unbelievable! Smoking hot and a super cool chick! I could have hung out with her for days! Love her! Hope I can see her again tomorrow! 


My hotel room  

Review by Smith on 11/13/2019 (1 hour Outcall)

Beautiful, sexy, tall, clean, and extremely long sexy legs. Gorgeous smile and sweet personality.  

Beyond my wildest fantasies.  

My hotel 

Review by Marco on 11/12/2019 (1hour Outcall)

Very gentle and sweet. Like coming back to home. 



Review by Alan on 11/09/2019 (1h Incall)

She was lovely, Pictures cannot justify her, she was amazing.... love the girl 

Outstanding, Agency Recomendation. I am definitely seeing her again. Guys try her she is Damm good..... 

Neat and clean place and very easy to find. 

Review by Yanus on 11/04/2019 (60 minutes Incall)

Amazing is the only word that can be used. The girl is cute and sexy at the same time. She is kind and warm hearted. Can be your best friend and girlfriend at the same time. Being selfish I don’t want to recommend, but if anyone is interested if you have doubt it’s a mistake. 

Can not say how good it was because it was too magical! 

The place is so clean and luxury. Good smell with right hygiene. 

Review by James on 10/28/2019 (1 hour Outcall)

Great girl! Awesome vibe. Long legs, great body, flowing hair 

Wonderful service! Would definitely recommend  

My hotel  

Review by Sharuk on 10/28/2019 (3 hours Incall)

I book 2 girls Penelope and Polly and they were fantastic.
We all three felt very good .
They were make me feel very comfortable. 

10 /10 !

Very clean and elegant place  

Review by Mark on 10/22/2019 (1hour Incall)

Long lean body with tight little curves. Bubbly personality with a constant smile 

Fantastic. You can’t ask for anything more if you treat her nicely 

Clean, high ceilings romantic  

Review by T-Li on 10/18/2019 (1hour Incall)

Has a great time and service, I’ll be cuming back again for sure! 

Great Gfe! 

Nice cozy environment with cool music  

Review by Yaseen on 10/08/2019 (90 min Outcall)

Amazing girl,sweet,clean and very friendly. She’s blessed with a very tight pussy. 



Review by Anonymous on 10/05/2019 (3 Outcall)

Beautiful, engaging, she makes me comfortable and happy... makes the stress of the week go away and I am just there with her, which is what I desire. For whatever you want this is the person you want to be with. Don’t take to much of her time because I plan to see her many times.  

Sensual, connection, enjoyable and extremely sexy.  


Review by Lala on 10/02/2019 (1h Outcall)

Great girl super hot and very friendly, great service. I highly recommend  



Review by Bill on 10/01/2019 (1hour Incall)

I had a lovely time with Penelope this afternoon. She is very sweet and very energetic. She looks just like the pictures. 



Review by Sandy on 09/29/2019 (1hour Incall)

She looks better than in pictures. Wow wat a girl , cheerful full of energy. Welcomed me with a smile. 

Highly recommend. Will be here next time for sure 

The place is easy to find
The room is huge and is really good 

Review by Eric Shultz on 09/20/2019 (1 Outcall)

Beautiful. Photos are real and she looks better in real life.  

Super fun, very relaxed and enjoys the session. I recommend.  


Review by Ray on 09/19/2019 (1hour Outcall)

This is super model I will give her 10 stars



Review by Laszlo on 09/18/2019 (1hour Incall)

Tall lady with beautiful body. She is gorgeous.Such a pleasure to be with her 



Review by Matthew on 09/14/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Beautiful and very welcoming. Lovely girl to speak to and get on with. 

Incredible service. Second to none.  

Very nice and warm 

Review by Mr bean on 09/12/2019 (1hour Incall)

Totally hot long sexy legs . Warm and friendly but also eager to please and eager to enjoy . Top rated  

Amazing gfe!. Full of energy and ready to please .  

Nice and clean  

Review by John on 09/04/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Full of character very attractive and slim like pictures 

Amazing service provided all you could ever dream  

Very clean nice spacious room  

Review by Avi on 09/04/2019 (1hour Incall)

Penelope looked much better than in the pictures and was very friendly. She also had a warm personality and we got on great. 

Great service and had the best time. Will definitely come back 


Review by David Friend on 09/03/2019 (4hours Incall)

More beautiful than the pictures. Great fun. Mind blowing everywhere else 

The lot 


Review by Mark on 09/01/2019 (2hours Outcall)

Penelope, is just as described and super lush ...she’s naughty girls, but very very posh on first meeting .... when in the bedroom she is very very naughty..... treat her with the utmost respect and she will be anything you would like her to be .... she’s amazing  



Review by Carl on 08/29/2019 (1h Incall)

Tall and slim young woman. Playful and friendly with a bright smile. Bonus points for offering me something to drink on a hot day! 

Engaged and passionate, almost like a real girlfriend. No clock watching. 

Unassuming from the outside; surprisingly roomy and elegant inside. Very clean 

Review by Luke on 08/26/2019 (1hour Incall)

It was hot and the flat was hard to find. Some work for peachy! But once in the apartment it was an oasis! Penelope is better looking than her picture with the long and svelte body of a dancer and god does she know how to use it 

Outstanding in every way! Penelope is experienced well beyond her years and she knows exactly how to make any man happy


Review by Micheal on 08/26/2019 (1 hr Outcall)

Penelope was a very nice girl and sweet. She has a very nice body and has a great personality. I recommend everyone to choose her. 



Review by James on 08/25/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Lovely sexy girl. Long legs, the way I like it. Very pretty face. 


Nice place 

Review by David on 08/25/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Amazing and very attractive. Long legs drove me crazy. I would definitely recommend. 

Good service  


Review by Alex on 08/24/2019 (1hour Incall)

Woooooow !!!!!! For real !!!! I use this services for many many years and My can tell you that I was very surprised to have such a beautiful time thanks to Penelope.

She makes you forget that you met her through an agency and it really feels like you met at a random bar and went back home together.

On a scale of 10 she is definitely 100 out 10 



Review by Raj on 08/24/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Very good and lovely girl. Long legs, lovely figure, very friendly , will take good. Care of you  

Very friendly, very nice, keeps good care, nice massage  

Very nice and well kept  

Review by Andrew on 08/22/2019 (1hour Incall)

Lovely, put me at ease straight away. Easy to talk to and keen to please, would definitely recommend.  

Had a great time, Penelope is lovely! 

Very nice, easy to find.  

Review by Frankie on 08/21/2019 (1h Incall)

Penelope is a beautiful young girl, long black hair and perfect body. A delicious hour 



Review by Ahamd on 08/20/2019 (1hr Outcall)

Shes amazing and shes so friendly I recommend her for all customers 

Good i can rate it out of 10 / 10 


Review by Tj on 08/13/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Very attractive, nice would recommend! 



Review by Chris on 08/12/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Penelope is very sexy and sensual! Very hot and good fun too...highly recommendable!!! 

Great experience  


Review by Aladyn on 08/12/2019 (1 hour incall Incall)

A princess out of this world who charm you in seconds before you know it 🌹🌹🌹🌹 

Feels like 50 shades of grey, just in AlaaAldin version 😎 

The most breathtaking place in the whole world 🌍  

Review by Peter on 08/09/2019 (3 hours Incall)

Penelope is great, relaxed with a great personality.

Super sexy and gives a great service.  



Review by Ahmed on 08/30/1996 (3 hours Incall)

I can’t describe in words how gorgeous she is , she satisfied me in every way possible, can’t wait to see her again  

5 stars I rated , cannot be more better than what I would liked  

Very welcoming , clean and big  

Review by John Smith 2 on 08/04/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Amazing! Very pretty with great body! She also very welcoming and very nice ! 1 hour well spent! Definitely recommend ! 

1 hour of pure pleasure! 

1 hour 

Review by John Smith on 07/25/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Very sexy
Longs legs
Amazing tattoos
Super friendly
Definitely recommend  

Unbelievable service ;)