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Jordan (26) Escort

Jordan (26)


In: £250 / Out: £300

Friendly and Hot Babe! Highly Recommended!

Review by X on 06/06/2024 (1hour Outcall)

She is so cute ( even more in real life)
Amazing girl with great personality  

The best ! Highly recommended! 


Review by Tim on 04/10/2024 (1h Outcall)

Simply amazing  

Top ..i loved it
Highly recommended  


Review by Em on 04/09/2024 (1hour Outcall)

Absolutely perfect girl
Such a good looking girl and very welcoming x  

Great services ! 

My place 

Review by Sen on 03/10/2024 (1hour Outcall)

Beautiful inside and out..Very sweet and friendly.. totally worth it 

The best..she offered everything i asked for  

My place  

Review by P on 03/08/2024 (1h Incall)

Different to pictures 

Disappointing experience. Very underwhelming 

Place is clean but towels were wet 

Review by J on 02/18/2024 (1 hour Incall)

She has perfect shape and looks very sexy  


Her place it is easy to find and room it’s big,cozy and clean  

Review by Minos on 02/05/2024 (1hour Outcall)

She is very elegant woman with such a sweet personality.
Good looking and extremely hot  

Words cannot describe our experience
10 out of 10  

My hotel  

Review by Khaled on 02/02/2024 (1 hour Incall)


Jordan is absolutely perfect, she provided everything I expected, as advertised. She is the best!  

her house  

Review by daniel on 01/22/2024 (3 hours Incall)

She is absolutely gorgeous. She has a warming smile and made me feel at ease. An absolutely beautiful girl that was a pleasure to spend time with.  

Great service, we had a great time with talking and fun and i look forward to seeing this lovely lady again! 

Really clean and tidy and homely. Felt relaxed and at ease. Nice room with lots of space. 

Review by Bobby on 12/09/2023 (1 hour Incall)

She is lovely and very beautiful
Looks even better in real life  

10 out of 10
I’ll be back.. 

Cozy and clean 

Review by M on 11/01/2023 (1hour Outcall)

Stunning and beautiful  

No words to describe  

My place  

Review by Amin on 10/28/2023 (1h Incall)

Fucking amazing and beautiful plus friendly  


Easy to find it  

Review by Ian on 09/30/2023 (2hrs Outcall)

She was amazing like usual (my little girl) 

Pleasure to see her again..i missed her company .. she is more beautiful and sexy sice last time i saw her  

My hotel  

Review by Malik on 07/12/2023 (1hr Incall)

She was very friendly and nice to talk to. Very lovely woman 

Very good - made me very happy 

Very clean. Big and very comfortable space 

Review by Jhon on 07/03/2023 (1 hour Incall)

She is so friendly and makes you feel comfortable as soon as she opened the door ..  

Absolutely perfect! 

Very big room .. clean and in a good area  

Review by X on 05/24/2023 (4 hrs Incall)

Stunning girl
Pretty and has a nice attitude
Duo with Luciana  

This girl knows how to entertain a good party ! Highly recommended.. 

Her place  

Review by A&B on 05/18/2023 (8 hours Incall)

Very friendly and has the best personality you’ll ever see .. apart of that looks beautiful
Jordan and Luciana were amazing 

We had the best time  

Her place  

Review by Peter on 05/11/2023 (3 hours Outcall)

Speechless.. can’t say enough about her
Beautiful face and body..nice personality  

Everything you can ask for  

My place  

Review by Sean on 04/04/2023 (3 hours Incall)

She’s getting better and better
Absolutely gorgeous (Duo with Luciana) 

Great services as always  

Her place- cosy and spacious room
Good location  

Review by Fillippo on 03/23/2023 (1hr Outcall)

Gorgeous girl 

Absolutely perfect


Review by Anonymous on 03/23/2023 (1 hour Incall)

Amazing, beautiful the best model available on peachy.

She did everything I wanted no rush amazing women.

Seeing her again soon 


Her place  

Review by Thomas on 03/11/2023 (4hours Incall)

Absolutely amazing girl
Perfect looking  

Best party services
Highly Recommended  

Her place - nice and clean  

Review by Roof on 02/21/2023 (An hour Incall)

Perfect.. very sexy and good looking
Polite and welcoming  

She provides great services.. i’ll be back! 

Very spacious apartment  

Review by Marc on 02/21/2023 (1h Incall)

Stunning and definitely a great choice  

Top services ..highly recommended  

Clean and cosy room
Very good area -Queensway  

Review by Julien on 02/09/2023 (5 hours Outcall)

She was the best choice .. her boob’s are just perfect!! In love with her.. great attitude and personality to
Better than the pictures btw  

Best services provided 

My place  

Review by Tim on 02/07/2023 (1 hour Incall)

Perfect body and cute face  

She is the perfect duo with her friend Luciana!! The best duo ever
Highly recommend  

Very cosy and clean room  

Review by khalid on 02/04/2023 (1 hour Outcall)

SHE IS AMAZING !, very professional, so good and knows how to speak good english unlike other escorts. she is very good i actually recommend! 


my place 

Review by Pablo on 01/29/2023 (4hours Incall)

Very cool girl and good looking too
Perfect for party ! 

Best services !!!!  

Her place  

Review by Ahhhmed on 01/22/2023 (1hour Incall)

Amazing girl and easy to talk
Very good looking  

She knows how to please a man 

Nice and warm  

Review by Habibi on 12/10/2022 (1hour Incall)

Very good looking girl! 

Jordan knows how to please! Great time together! 

Easy to find and nice flat  

Review by J on 12/03/2022 (1hour Incall)

What a girl…she is better in real life…amazing tanned body.. 

She provides the best services.. 

Very spacious and clean room! 

Review by Sid on 11/12/2022 (1.5 Outcall)

Too good to be true . Jordan is the best  



Review by Couple on 10/26/2022 (2hrs Outcall)

So sexy and pleasant woman… 

Great services…we looking forward seeing her again soon .. 


Review by K on 10/15/2022 (1hour Incall)

Super friendly and lovely  

She provides top services..i would highly recommend her. 

Spacious room and very clean 

Review by Mike on 09/29/2022 (1hr30mins Outcall)

She is absolutely gorgeous with a body to die for…and her smile it’s just amazing!! 

Definitely what everyone deserves!!  

Review by BA on 09/27/2022 (1h Incall)


We had a great time, very comfortable, I’ll definitely be back! 

Very nice apartment, kept in great condition  

Review by Rocco Siffredi on 08/07/2022 (1h Outcall)

Perfect body, amazing vibes 

Incredibile bj 

My place 

Review by James on 07/20/2022 (1hour Outcall)

Absolutely gorgeous  

She’s the best!She knows what she’s doing…definitely i will be back to her! Highly recommended  

My place  

Review by Stefan on 07/01/2022 (1 hour Incall)

Actually beautiful , no words can describe! 

I don’t want to use any other escort anymore, this girl dressed in an amazing outfit, made me feel comfortable , gorgeous and I can’t wait to see her again! I tried to get her to come on a date with me, but she said no :-( I recommend her to anyone! She’s amazing! Xx 

Clean, welcoming  

Review by Adam on 06/23/2022 (1 hr Incall)

Amazing experience didn’t rush Genuine had a good time definitely won’t be my last  


The place was a vibe music and nice Scenery 

Review by Ssm on 10/11/2021 (2h Incall)

Jordan stunning girl
Amazing f personality , looking forward seeing her again



Review by SSM on 09/23/2021 (1h Incall)

Jordan is beautiful, sexy and looked gray in her lingerie when she opened the door.

Sexy and fun Jordan is had a cute kind and fun attitude.
The hour we spent together was 🔥 🔥 🔥  


Discreet and Cosy, clean tidy and with everything needed..

Review by Ed on 08/12/2021 (Overnight Outcall)

Looks better than her photos, stunning body, amazing personality. We quickly built an intimate connection and I felt incredibly comfortable around her.


She gives a better handjob than I can do myself, and blowjob is the best I’ve ever had. 

My flat 

Review by Rik on 08/06/2021 (1h Incall)

Excellent service from start to finish x

Genuine and passionate x 

Very nice and clean 

Review by Rishi on 08/03/2021 (1h Incall)

Absolutely stunning - she was mesmerising from the get go. So seductive - and so warm and welcoming. She welcomed me in with a kiss and a hug and I fell in love instantly.

Words can’t describe how she made me feel.

I couldn’t hold my excitement and I completely lost control when she touched my body. Her moves were amazing - and her touch was so seductive. Her skin was silky smooth and her eyes were as big as the ocean.
Honestly - guys treat her with respect because she’s so special ! 

Beautiful apartment - very spacious - discreet and easy to find. Jordan even let me use the shower which was fantastic ! 

Review by Ummit on 08/01/2021 (1h Incall)

She is a real pleasure with such a nice personality and lovely body ..we had a great time and the chat amazing..her English is wow! 

Great services! I’ll be back soon

Her place is nice and cosy with a nice bathroom and clean stuff 

Review by David on 07/31/2021 (1h Incall)

Beautiful. Very good personality. She is kind and will do whatever you want.



Clean. Tidy. 

Review by Joshua on 07/17/2021 (1h Incall)

Absolutely lovely girl .. nice attitude and the body to die for! 

Best services ever!

Her place

Review by Peter on 07/16/2021 (4h Incall)

Charming and fun to be with 

Really enjoyed my time and her company. Fantastic service. Will visit again

Her place 

Review by Viktor on 05/30/2021 (1h Incall)

Absolutely perfect and lovely .. we had a great chat and a good time 


Cozy and also very clean

Review by Víctor on 01/21/2021 (1h Incall)

Better than the pictures, beautiful face and stunning body


Clean, easy to find and smells wonderful 

Clean, easy to find and smells wonderful 

Review by Riaz on 01/04/2021 (7h Incall)

Out of this world !!!!

Jordan, what can I say? I fell in love at the first sight it was like I knew her would definitely recommend to go and meet her and enjoy her company in every way she makes you feel so special 

Very nice and cosy

Review by Fyn on 12/24/2020 (3h Outcall)

Absolutely lovely woman with great body ! Jordan it’s an angel .. definitely i will see her again! I highly recommend this beauty!


10 out of 10


Review by Michael on 10/31/2020 (1 hour Incall)

Very beautiful girl amazing personality so caring and considerate and funny i was very impressed and entertained during my time with her 

Terrific service i was in amazement during my hour with her I would highly recommend her to anyone and I will be back  

Beautiful flat very big and spacious room. Very close to transport networks.  

Review by Ali on 09/23/2020 (1 hour Incall)

So beautiful.. i will be back .. you must see her 



Review by Johhny on 09/16/2020 (1hr Incall)

Absolutely lovely girl.. nice body and attitude  

No words to describe  


Review by Jhon on 09/14/2020 (1 hour Incall)

Very beautiful girl with nice body 

Great services and good massage 

Very nice flat 

Review by Chau on 03/06/2020 (1hr Outcall)

The best way to relax !great girl with stunning body 



Review by Hassan on 02/29/2020 (2h Outcall)

I love Jordan! She is the best company ever! 


My place... 

Review by David on 02/17/2020 (1hr Incall)

Beautiful and welcoming 

No words! Perfect 


Review by Mateo on 01/12/2020 (1 hour Incall)

Absolutely amazing ! Nice body and charming woman! 

Best services 

Cozy and clean! Smells so good!  

Review by Hakan on 01/03/2020 (1h Incall)

She is the 8ths wonder in the world  

There is no word to describe her but the nearest word is perfect.  

It was nice and comfortable. Also, it’s very relaxing 

Review by daniel on 01/02/2020 (1 hour Incall)

she is beautiful. she help to relax me. 


nice apartment, close to tube. 

Review by Alex on 12/27/2019 (1 hr Incall)

Jordan was very friendly and polite. Face of an angel.  



Review by James on 12/26/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Jordan is a pleasure ...i was nervous when i arrived but she helped me to relax ! Thank you babe 💋 

5 stars 

Her place is near to the tube ,cosy,clean and smells very nice 

Review by John on 12/25/2019 (1 hour Outcall)

Lovely! On the time ! My type of girl 👧 you can escape with her ! Thank you Jordan for the best time! No rush and highly recommended  

Top services! Amazing  


Review by Badr on 12/24/2019 (1hr Incall)

She is a total pleasure very welcome polite and sensual ! You don’t want to leave very soon!  

10 out of 10 ! Highly recommended!!!!❤️ 

Clean and comfortable  

Review by David D on 12/19/2019 (5am Outcall)

Awesome! She is better in real life! Very nice and sweet girl! A good company 

Best services  

My place 

Review by Jack on 12/18/2019 (1hr Incall)

Amazing! Beautiful and charming girl  

10/10 i’ll be back soon 

Very cosy and close to the tube 

Review by Ben on 11/22/2019 (2 hours Incall)

Fantastic! Much better than photos, you need to book!  

10/10. Will definitely be back!  

Really nice flat, great location  

Review by Scott on 11/16/2019 (2 hours Incall)

Always amazing. Such a pleasure to spend time with. My second 2-hour visit.  

Fantastic OWO. Stunning body used to perfection.  

Perfectly fine 

Review by Mike on 11/05/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Beautiful. Intelligent. Fun. Jordan was hot and made every minute worthwhile. 10/10 

Unrushed, sensual and incredibly hot GFE experience. 😘❤️ 

Very tidy, clean and well kept. Felt at ease as soon as i entered. 

Review by Ken on 10/27/2019 (1hr Incall)

Jordan is a very bubbly character and she made me feel welcome as soon as I saw her! She looks beautiful (better than pics) and she has a very sexy body 

It was out of this world! She makes you feel very comfortable  

On the main road. Easy to find!  

Review by Mister Director on 10/24/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Jordan is a beautiful woman. To my opinion, more beautiful in real than on the pics. She makes you feel comfortable and she is funny.
She speaks very good English and she is a smart woman. It is nice to discuss with her.  

She made me a wonderful massage. Then slowly we went to serious things.
Perfect owo, sex was good as well.
I highly recommend her. Be nice with that woman 

The place is ok. I had a shower. Jordan provided me with a clean towel. The bed is ok and the area is quiet and safe.

Review by Niger on 10/20/2019 (1hr Incall)

Very polite,open minded and better than the pictures! Turns me on X thanks Jordan for the morning pleasure ...see u soon babe  

Great!!!! 10out of 10! Recommend X top girl!  

Close to tube,easy to find and clean as well X 

Review by Nick on 10/16/2019 (1hr Incall)

Beautiful ,sexy much better than I expected ,you won’t be disperat,thanks Jordan,see u soon 

Amazing! 10out of 10 

Great,easy to find and clean 

Review by Viktor on 10/13/2019 (1hr Outcall)

Beautiful, delicate, sensitive charming 

What a pleasure she was.Great attitude and great emotions.  


Review by Frank on 09/29/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Awesome!! Beautiful!! 

Great service!!! 

Great place!!! 

Review by John on 08/30/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Very friendly and sexy. Feels like meeting a girlfriend  

Amazing. Very responsive to my wants. Can’t wait to see again 

Nice and clean. Close to tube station  

Review by Jhonn on 08/24/2019 (1hr Incall)

10 out of 10
Very nice and sexy brunette girl
She always makes me fell amazing
Thanks Jordan,highly recommend x 

10 out of 10 best owo ever 

Nice and clean like always 

Review by John on 08/21/2019 (90 Incall)

Lovely girl, good looking  

Very good A* 

Lovely room  

Review by Alfred on 08/13/2019 (1hr Incall)

One of the nicest girls i have met very friendly and sweet will definitely see her again ,highly recommended  

Super! Best service ever! Help me relax 

Place was clean and cosy 

Review by Tom on 08/10/2019 (1hr Incall)

She was incredibly beautiful, amazing body and great attitude. I recommend her.  

The services were amazing and I can’t wait to see her again  

Wonderful room, great room 

Review by Matt on 08/08/2019 (90 mins Incall)

Beautiful and sexy  


Clean,nice and easy to find 

Review by Nick on 07/11/2019 (10 hours Incall)

Wow.....what can I say? Sheer perfection, 100% perfect in every way. Beautiful, funny and lovely....! There is literally no down side to this girl, I don’t really want anyone else to see her as I’d like her all to myself ideally.....! 

As above, impeccable xxxx
The best escort I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with  

Very nice and clean, no complaints here  

Review by John on 4.07.19 (1h Incall)

Excellent, such a beautiful and charming girl, made me forget everything uncomfortable  

Good, excellent, perfect! Stresskiller.  

Nice flat, easy to find and... everything is good. Soft bed can kill stress 

Review by Jhon on 06/21/2019 (1hr Incall)

Excellent she s amazing I will visit again soon 10/10 

Great 10/10 

Very nice ,clean and easy to find 

Review by Stephen on 06/09/2019 (2+ hrs Outcall)

Very fun and friendly. Cute and all natural, amazing smile. Made me feel comfortable immediately 

Great, eager and happy to please. Will definitely book again :) 


Review by Dave on 05/28/2019 (1 hour Outcall)

Jordan - from the moment you see her, you know you are in for one heck of a night. She is incredibly hot not just easy on the eyes but steamy in the bed  

9 out of 10
On time, beautiful, kind and fun  


Review by Oli on 04/18/2019 (2hra Outcall)

Simply stunning
And a lovely person too

Gorgeous girl with a lovely body and attitude
10 out of 10 


Review by Jezza on 03/22/2019 (1hr Incall)

Very very pretty.  

Best CIM ever 

Nice; very close to tube 

Review by Mr Big on 03/18/2019 (1 hour Incall)

Very good looking with superb body. Made me feel relaxed and was very friendly. Good English; nice girl. 

5 Star; great OWO. No rush; just perfect. Will be visiting again! 

Close to Queensway tube & easy to find. Comfortable room 

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