Grace's Reviews

Grace (24)

Gloucester Road

In: £200 / Out: N/A

Petite, Slim and Cute! Highly Recommended!

Review by Mark on 12/09/2021 (1hr Incall)

Shes amazing, best escort sex I ever had, probably closer to 30 though imo 



Review by Peter on 11/21/2021 (Overday Incall)


She is nice and welcoming I give her 10 out 10 will 100% see her again

The place is nice

Review by Rik on 09/10/2021 (1h Incall)

I have known Grace for 4 years and she is the best ever. From when she was in Baker Street she has been very accommodating and knows how to keep a person happy. She is genuine and her smile paints a thousand pictures of beauty. As a gentlemen I can not speak about all the things we do but rest assure it’s satisfaction guaranteed.

Grace you are a diamond and thank you for helping me find my phone when I left it in the uber and letting me borrow your charger to use my other phone to call uber support or I would have to wait a few days to get it back and thanks for everything else. ( wink )

Tremendous and sexy , Grace is very energetic and passionate. 

Very nice apartment and easy to find. 

Review by Pedro on 07/24/2021 (1h Incall)

She is beautiful! I’ve seen her before and I always enjoy my time with her. I would recommend.

Great service. I would recommend. Beautiful and petite girl! Basically wow! 

Nice and good place. Clean and easy to find!

Review by Chris on 02/25/2020 (90 min Incall)

Sparky and fun loving, excellent slim figure, nice personality

Entered into the spirit of a playful session and was a pleasure to be with 

Clean,secure convenient, 10 minutes from underground. 

Review by Jordani on 02/07/2020 (1.5hours Incall)

Gorgeous. Couldn’t be more amazed by her looks, attitude, and personality. I will definitely try to visit again when in London.


She knows exactly what to do to put your mind at ease and your body in ecstasy.

Awesome. Not to far from the tube station.

Review by K on 10/12/2019 (1h Incall)

Third visit to see Grace, and wonderful as ever. Grace is warm, friendly, and a complete delight. Absolutely beautiful, incredible body - fit and toned, lovely firm bum, and sensational tits.


I got told off for giving too much detail in my previous review (sorry/not sorry) so will tone it down a tiny bit here. Everyone I see Grace it is somehow ever better than the time before. She had me rock hard seconds after getting out of the shower. What followed was passionate, deep, and so intense. The sight and feel of what we did together will never, ever leave me. Grace is so, so, so, good. My head was so in a spin at the end that I could barely hold a conversation. Already planning visit number four, and many more as long as we can fucking stop Brexit!

Big bed in a shared flat. Mercifully only on the first floor, so I'm not knackered from climbing up 5 flights of stairs. Very useful full-length mirror.

Review by K on 08/05/2019 (1h Incall)

I met Grace a year ago, booked with a different agency, and have waited impatiently for her return. She is gorgeous. Lovely, lovely face, beautiful eyes, astonishing boobs, tiny waist, and a peachy bum. Just the way I like it! She is friendly, funny, and lots of fun to be around. 

Service is incredible. This girl really is hot. She turned me on instantly with beautiful, slow kisses as she gently stroked my cock before giving me a covered (my choice) blow job that was out of this world. We fucked passionately in every position, interrupted by some delicious pussy licking and she sucked my cock skilfully again before we both came with her on top of me. Finished with a few minutes to spare for a chat and a shower before I had to go. I am delighted to have Grace back in my life. Planning a return as soon as I can.

Shall room in an easy to find, shared flat. Clean shower.  

Review by Sean on 07/03/2019 (1h Incall)

Simply put, Grace is beautiful! She has a fabulous figure and lovely soft skin. But, it’s her eyes that will mesmerise you and her smile that will melt you.
Her photos are accurate and I knew straight away I was in the right place!
She is a lovely lady to talk to and has a good sense of humour. I felt so comfortable talking to her about all sorts of things. It was a lovely hour, with lots of laughter!
Get Grace to smile and you’ll be having a great time!

Grace knows exactly what she’s doing. She started with a relaxing caress to get things started, before some fantastic oral. With her performing and looking up with those eyes, you won’t last long!
Then, the main event is heavenly. We enjoyed a couple of different positions before ending in doggy (my fav!) and in this position with her fantastic body and her looking back with a smile, wow.
A lovely talk and caress, with laughter and feeling topped off a wonderful (but too short) hour with Grace. I will be back!

Nice flat in a nice part of town. Clean and very tidy 

Review by Jay on 06/23/2019 (1h Incall)

She is wonderfull. Very sweet and caring. Will treat you real good.
Wish she was mine


Best service iv ever ever had and i wont see anyone else until she leave which i hope she dont.

All that a man can want she will give  

Clean and tidy.
You can tell she like things nice and neat

Review by Simon on 06/17/2018 (1h Incall)

Very pretty and petite. A lithe body and sparkling eyes.


I really liked Grace. She was relaxed and yet enthusiastic. Very enjoyable experience. Work pressure meant I could not go back to see her that week but I would highly recommend her.

A block on a side street off Baker Street

Review by bigblue on 06/12/2018 (1h Incall)

very beautiful. Not quite as nice as on the photos but still a stunner

she was great. As i got undressed, she stood by the bed, her face buried in a cushion, lges spread and her ass up in the air and I pounded her senseless from behind and she loved it. Grace then gave me really good head and she came as I finished, urging me to fuck her harder. I had a great time. 

a bit small 

Review by Jan on 06/17/2018 (1.5h Incall)

very friendly, nice, easy to talk to 

all great,nothing is an issue.... 

nice and clean flat...easy to find...close to tube 

Review by on 06/02/2018 (1h Incall)

Grace was absolutely stunning in every way, she was Incredibly sweet and her owo and sex was fantastic, but the conversation, it was hard not to lose track of the time looking at her, she had an atmosphere about her that was subtle and inviting, it was one of the most relaxing moments of my day.
Thank you Grace x


Same as above, the service was the most incredible I've had and she was perfect at what she does.

Lovely apartment and very private, comfortable

Review by Sam on 19.02.2018 (1h Incall)

Pretty and petite. She’s prettier than her pictures, great smile and great body!


Really easy to talk to, very attentive and easy going. Holds back slightly when kissing but really makes up for it with fantastic owo. Treat her well and with respect and you will have a great evening. 

Nice clean flat just off of Baker St., very convenient. 

Review by Paul on 19.02.2018 (1h Incall)

There are beautiful things in life, and Grace is one of them. A beautiful person, in body and personality. I have been punting for years and Grace is one of those girls with whom you feel yourself lucky to meet in ones lifetime.
She is petite, very well formed and with what I would say sublime proportions. Yet what stood out is not only the physical aspect, but the person.

Grace is such a lovely person to be with, and I would gladly spend my hard earned cash just to have her next to me, to talk and to spend a few hours chatting away.... Her smile, her engagement and warmth is a class of it own.

The beautiful personality does not take away what we men what; a sublime intimacy that is best left private. For me, Grace is not only beautiful, but great in all departments. If you think her photo in the black outfit and high heel sandals looks good on the web page, wait till you see the real person in the same outfit.

For me, Grace is one of those rare people you come across in life, where experience punter like me get distracted by her sheer loveliness as a person that one almost forgets about anything else; but to enjoy her company. This is not to say her other departments are of wanting, rather the contrary, she is just good at making you feel special.

For me, Grace is one of these rare gems to be treasured, to explore, and to behold while she is with us. A class of her own.


As above. Cannot really add more. A gem of a person who made me feel warmth and happiness. Need I say more. 

Nice tidy and clean flat, led into a really cosy room....
Easy to find place near Baker Street Station. Parking not a problem after 8:30 pm.