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A Better Peachy Escorts Website

3:13 pm, Wednesday 16th December 2015

Hi everyone, welcome to our improved website!

As we are finding ourselves upon the winter holidays, we thought we’ll bring over a little gift to our cherished customers and make our website better and easier to navigate. Our new version is meant to allow you to access more information on your chosen escort in a quicker and easier way.

I would like to present the new features on our home page:

On the top ten section, which you find on the right handside of our home page,  lists the girls that, based on reviews, looks, attitude and reliability, we consider as first choices when it comes to meeting the right girl. 

On the left hand column of the home page you will find the lastest additions to our new London escorts gallery, in the order or arrival.

We have also updated our galleries (see search by type) in order to make made them more explicative and added a direct link from our home page to the most popular types pages, so you find your preferred types of escorts without hustle.

Also, COMING SOON, another interesting thing that everyone will find useful is the addition of the list of DOs and DON’Ts on each individual escort’s profile. This list will help you choose the right girl without the headache of always wondering and having to call and ask what is on offer  with one particular escort.

This being said, I hope you enjoy our website and don’t forget that Paradise is a place on Earth and you can find it this winter in the arms of a Peachy Girl. Call us to help you find the right one!

Love, Miss Peachy!