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The busty PA

9:34 pm, Friday 24th April 2015

Emily met me by the lift and gestured for me to enter. As the sophisticated busty PA to a high-flying entrepreneur I was about to meet for the first time, she looked at my reflection curiously in the lift. I knew she wanted to ask me a question.

“Go on,” I said, “What would you like to know?” I turned and smiled at her as she flushed.

“Well, I know the men here book escorts all the time but would you go with a woman?” I turned fully and asked if she meant her. Emily nodded coyly and I smiled. “Yes, you I would, but I am very discerning.” 

She showed me into a room and phoned from the phone on the wall. Her face fell and when she put the receiver down, informed me that he was running late.  I looked at Emily and asked if she had a private room and I could show her my skills with my tongue. I could see her neck redden and she quickly showed me into a private meeting room, where she closed the blinds and locked the door. 

We had twenty minutes so I freed her gorgeous ample breasts and kissed them whilst she removed her knickers. Emily was in her late thirties and was in great shape. Her thighs had benefitted from the gym and I held them wide apart, as I slowly licked her clit and fingered her. Then she started to pant and I could feel myself getting horny, as she became wetter and wetter. When she recovered from her climax, she looked at me and asked if she could book me in when I next came to visit her boss, as she’d enjoyed the experience so much. 

She leant forwards and put her hand in my knickers. 

“I’m glad you are wet.” 

Yet again, I was surprised by her directness, but I let her rub my clit and I could see she was getting horny again. I undid my blouse and popped out a boob so she could suck at my nipple as her fingers aroused me even more. I would come soon at this rate, so it was lucky she stopped. 

“We’ve been here for long enough. Come on, I’ll show you through.”

Emily opened the door as I re-arranged myself. Then she smiled as she let me in to meet her boss.

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