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Tasha meets the perfect client

2:59 am, Monday 15th September 2014

‘You’ve got such soft skin,’ he said as he moved his fingers up my thighs. I laid there, taking it all in, me an innocent London girl and a part time escort experiencing total bliss, each touch, each whisper, and each sensation that ran through my body as he caressed me. He told me time and time again that I was the girl of his dreams but he had it all wrong. There was no other man in London, or the entire world for that matter, more perfect for me than him. He was the man I dreamed about night after night and he was the man whose voice had my stomach filled with butterflies.

‘May I?’ he asked, before circling his tongue around my belly button. The tickling sensation caused me to toes my head back and let out a slight moan. If only he knew what he was doing to me, if only he knew just how I felt under his touch. I wanted to say those words. Those three tiny words that mean so much when put together, but I couldn’t. His tongue now deep in my mouth meant that there was no talking. I had to thoroughly enjoy the way he tasted and so there was no time for talking. Our kiss intensified and I felt him grow harder and stronger as I kissed back with all the passion that had built in me. Now it was my time to take control. I needed to own him, to show him just how strongly I felt about him. He was pleasantly surprised as I straddled him. The view from on top was amazing. His face, so perfect and his eyes, so intense prompted me to take charge of his lips once again. After a few seconds of deep kissing had passed, he pulled away from me, moving to a distance where he would be able to take me all in. I loved the way he looked at me. I could tell that he felt the same way about me that I felt about him and that made what we were doing just that much more special. For the next two hours, he and I made the most of the night, indulging in each other the way that we truly deserved. That night and every other night that we were together, he made me feel like the most precious escort in the world. Every girl deserves to have a guy like him take care of her.

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