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4:24 pm, Thursday 9th October 2014

She's tall with a juicy butt! see Amy's profile

It was such a brilliant day in London. The sun was shining bright, introducing the warmth that every true summer should possess. Outside, the flowers added pops of colorful personality to streets that were once boring to look at. As for me, I didn’t allow anything to hold this escort back when it came to taking full advantage of the London weather. A tiny pair of jeans shorts, hugged my juicy butt- the kind that makes men find it hard to pull their eyes away from me. And let’s not even talk about my legs. There are so many advantages of being tall. Not only am I always the girl in the room that stands out the most. But in the shorts I wore that day, I had all eyes mesmerized.

As I walked in the park, strutting my stuff, I could feel the eyes of not only men, but also women, follow me until I perched myself on my picnic blanket to enjoy the brilliant weather. I retrieved a novel from my purse to engage myself in some wonderfully written erotic literature and while I was just getting into the groove of the story, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Looking up, I felt so small. A man, wide shouldered and broad a chest, hovered over me. I didn’t recognize him at first. Perhaps due to the fact that I was so engaged in the story and a little startled by the disruption. However, the minute he said my name in his beautiful Italian accent, memories of him flooded my head.

This beautiful man was a client of mine who had requested my services as an escort a few months ago. Pleasantly surprised, I engaged him in conversation. He said that he was delighted to see me and that he had lost the number for the agency and was distraught that he wouldn’t be able to share my company while he was in London. But he was in luck! I told him all about this wonderful novel I was reading and he insisted that we got up to some of the naughtiness that the characters were partaking in. A short while later, we headed to his hotel room, enjoyed a few glasses of wine and proceeded to sweating the night away. As I like to say, when the sun is shining, the men come out to play and I’m happy that my sexy Italian was up for a little play time that day.

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