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8:19 pm, Monday 12th January 2015

His dark eyes met mine, connecting us in an unimaginable way. I knew that guys like him weren’t to be trusted. They were the type to grab hold of a woman’s heart and run away with it. But not me? As an escort, I was fully aware that my heart needed to be protected. So many men-just like him- had tried to win me over, and I’d resisted. But what was it about this particular guy that had me wanting to fulfill his every command? What was it about his touch that had me melting each time he embraced me?

I told my friends about him; about the night we met. I told them how his gaze pulled me right in and how impossible it was to pry my eyes away from him. They’d warned me. They weren’t afraid to tell me that falling in love with him was a recipe for disaster. But, I didn’t listen. I loved the way it felt being the recipient of his touches. The way he caressed my body had me moaning from sundown to sunrise. I couldn’t imagine any of the escorts, newbie or experienced girls in London who would be able to resist a perfection like the man I’d fallen so deeply for. After all, I was the toughest one out there, and to say the least, I was smitten. Each time I went to bed at night, I thought about a specific part of him; the one that grew with excitement each time I whispered in his ear. There wasn’t a moment that I didn’t miss having him inside, beside and behind me. The things he did to my body were unmistakably the best things that had ever been done to my body. But, of course, men like him don’t stick around. One minute they’re calling this country their home and the next minute, they’re living in another. He was a mover; a man who was more tied to his occupation than anything else. And though he promised that he’d see me every time he made his way to this side of the world, my heart could help but to shatter into a million and one pieces. Perhaps he’ll come back. Perhaps he won’t. But all I’m left with are the memories of he and I. I can’t say that I didn’t know it would happen. The moment he showed up in that perfectly tailored suit, I knew I had to have him just as much as I knew that he wouldn’t be mine forever.

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